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RIP in F to pay taxes.


Wasn't doge also dead? Think I saw something about it on 9gag but I forgot to pay my monthly attention that month

Hi! I'm one of the most active fronters of Unicorn Cavalry. I like timey wimey stuff and blue boxes. Make it timey wimey blue box stuff and we're set to explore all time, forum and space!

My system mates on here: Kurisutina, Xarbern


>Come talk, ask or just casually vibe with us

>Season 2 Progress Report


"Does anyone know this song? It goes: ue ue ue, heeeeee, Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka x3"

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There's an actual dog behind the doge meme?

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.

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It's hard to live here with a system of vampires, it's sunny over 300 days a year.


Ember: Yeah, tell me about hard when you've lived with a vampire for two and a half years straight who not only can't bear sunlight or fire, but gets offended at negative media depictions of vampires. She eventually started condemning most of the genre as "vampsploitation".


Iris: I like the feel of sunlight. But I’m the only one of us that does.


Ember: Sunlight makes me feel ill – tired, tingly, and nauseous. Always has.


[bear] I am honored and privledged to be spared some blood to live another day in perpetual service to the coven.


[Misha] not that we didn't try to suck him dry


[Ashley] this guy is all you can eat


Vesper: Can you actually experience a proper feeding or are you just being humorous? Ember's form just seems to be full of a clear, thick, flavourless gel, with no blood at all. For that matter, so does mine.

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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Gavin got curious and sucked my eyeball with touch imposition, nope nope nope nope. I imagine it is absoulutely within the realm of imposition to simulate a feeding, but woooo spooky. My system does something vaguely similar. 


I've been trying to figure out if I can practically take notes on the back of my hand. Currently my skin will only hold enough detail in the 'ghost' for 4 or 5 letters and even that's a stretch. If I could get to 10 that'd be really cool. -J

>tf when you google for "famous quotes by Marcus Aurelius" and had a fake one as your sig for months

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the back of my hand is mostly just used so i can write down something that i cannot forget, i could probably fit a small sentence if i was neat


What did I miss?


i thought that was a link for a good ten seconds. nope it's just the same blue


i feel like i'm going to be clicking your text a lot by accident from now on

Aubrey speaks like this and Shield speaks like this. (at least most of the time)

Our profile picture is of Shield, because that's who mostly uses this account

We both use they/them pronouns

[Super-cool unofficial chat] [the lore]

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