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1 hour ago, Tanaka Kanade said:

I guess it’s not switching itself, but the feeling of being associated with the body. It’s fine for like two minutes until I look in a mirror or at my hands or something and then I’m like “Kyaaaaaa that’s me but it’s not me!” I think if I ever was going to switch for more than 15 minutes, it would be so I could direct wonderland activities, or do something creative on the computer (hopefully without seeing my reflection in the screen)


Vesper: I agree. I no longer question the authenticity of my identity when switched in, but I'm still deeply bothered that the body doesn't look like me. I avoid mirrors while switched in. The desktop monitors are non-reflective on their own, but we had to secure an anti-reflection film for the laptop.


It helps that we visualize our forms superimposed over the body when switched in. It helps more when I do things that are very distinctly me and very distinctly not my headmates, especially when doing them with out-system people.


1 hour ago, Luminesce said:

We never really switch more than twice in a day, most days zero, obviously. But we have no problem doing it any number of times, the only time we ever had any confusion was a single time we played Divinity: Original Sin 2 with four of us (no Reisen :\) as characters, and literally switched nearly every single minute to take our characters' turns in combat and such. It was incredibly hectic, and just a couple times the wrong person ended up taking a character's turn and.. it was a mess. But it was fun and insightful: switching back and forth tens of times in tens of minutes gets confusing. But through an entire day? We could probably do nearly 100, I guess, but that sounds pretty awful. No one would get anything done.


Ember: At Iris' request, we played the boardgame "Castles of Burgundy" together on Christmas, switching every turn. The game has 25 turns per player, so that comes to 75 switches. It was epic, seeing all the different strategies and approaches from the inside instead of being distracted from what other players are doing by your own moves. Vesper and I playfully trash talked for much of it.


Most of our switches are to talk to out-system people. In the roleplaying game where Iris and I are the players, we often switch back and forth from one sentence to the next, to talk to either one another or to the GM's characters out loud. That's the only occasion for which we regularly switch dozens of times in a few hours. It's also how switching became instant and effortless for us.


1 hour ago, Ranger said:

Right now I'm possessing the body, and I'm very comfortable with that.


Vesper: We may switch several times to write a single post, since we don't do much hand/arm possession and never proxy. Switching is on such a hair trigger that full body possession is a difficult balancing act. If Ember proofreads something I wrote and catches a typo or an error in grammar or logic, I'll switch in to fix it, even for as little as a single letter. Grabbing control myself is easier than dealing with her asking repeatedly, 'Are you sure this is the change you want to make?'

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I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


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