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I do get frequent lucid dreams and normally have perfect dream control in them, but they are not boring because I self impose limitations. I don't always do this, sometimes it is fun to just do whatever you want to, and sometimes there are experiences that are worthwhile on their own, but there are only so many things like that, and after flying aimlessly for the 3rd time in the last couple weeks, it gets less exiting and more mundane.


also, imposing limitations doesn't mean that it has to be like real life. you can have whatever abilities you like, and the setting can be however you like as well, but you have to stick to those rules, and you have to have something that you want to do that you cannot instantly, easily do

I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.



"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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So lucid dream nuzlocke version?

Miri: original host. 5'5 female, brown hair and green eyes.

Mirichu: basically the host, based off Miri. Same description as above.

Akai: 5'6 female with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears/tail.

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