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That's the U.S. Mint's job.

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.

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6 hours ago, Srn347 said:

In the future, wars will be fought using machines that shoot pizzas, and people will defend against them by making machines which catch the pizzas and make better pizzas out of them in order to shoot them back. This was all an elaborate ruse to create more pizzas. Don't ask how I know this.

It's too late, we've already figured out that you're an alien with the power of futuresight

Hello! I am UncannyFellow's merge-tulpa!

I ❤️ Roko's Basilisk

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Posted (edited)


11 hours ago, Luminesce said:

There's a lot of celebration of Post #50,000 for example, but post #50,000 is now over ten posts early and the actual #50,000 is unrelated.


I feel like this is an easy fix. I bet someone can go back and edit the correct posts if necessary, and most of the people who posted the more recent milestones are still around.

11 hours ago, Luminesce said:

If one of my tulpas or I decides to post in a thread after another of us has posted in it and no one had since, we're still going to do it and have very rarely in the past. It's still a good rule to state, because while two unrelated posts offering different advice to someone's help thread is not something we want to stop, systemmates switching off posting back and forth in a forum game is.

Assuming there's a good chunk of time in between, that's not a double post, so that's fine. As you already said, this was to prevent spam, but since forum games are spammy anyway it doesn't really matter unless someone goes out of their way to abuse this.


In situations like this, we usually prefer to have multiple headmates respond with their tags, and we would rather do that than risk getting ninja'd in a Q & A or GD thread. However, I can see how this applies to your system's ask thread, and in that case I think that's fine, given the time chunk.


11 hours ago, Luminesce said:

But along the same lines, I don't think you should over-enforce the rule to a T past when it would be beneficial. We don't stand to gain in this game by last-posting when the previous fronter is still the last poster, but it's possible Lucilyn could have something totally unrelated she wants to say in LOTPW and if the last person to post was me two hours prior, it'd be super unfair to take mod action on that or something.


At this point, I want you to make a forum Q&A thread about this because I would like to see how other staff members feel about this and I think other people may agree / disagree. I'll leave my thoughts on this there.


11 hours ago, Luminesce said:

Just advice-suggestion on my part, you can call the cops on someone doing fireworks on the 4th of July at 12:15AM (well, it'd be the 5th at that point but you know), and you can strictly enforce X rule in an instance that wasn't hurting anything, but I think there's a point where rule-enforcing can be counterproductive to the health/activity of the forum y'know? Uh, not that you were doing that, it's just a general concern I have for moderation teams in general.


First of all, illegal fireworks have the risk of setting other people's property on fire or hurting the people using said illegal fireworks. Some people would call the cops to break up a good time, but some do it because they're genuinely afraid some people are being idiots and would hurt themselves/others. I know this isn't the best argument given that America's justice system is really discriminatory, but I'm trying to say if fireworks were not dangerous, they wouldn't be illegal in the first place.

Second of all, Bear leaving was at least partly motivated because he was upset we didn't give him special privilege. He felt the rules we put in place weren't "good enough" for him and even when the staff decided to follow through with the experiment of opening it up to forum games with plans of allowing it in PR's, Bear laughed in our faces and created a thread that wasn't a forum game to shit post in-system, knowing it was going to get deleted. If this was honestly about getting a rule that was too strict fixed, then why would Bear do that when he got what he wanted?


If we as a staff decided the rules didn't apply to Bear and rewarded that lust for special privilege, that opens the door to all kinds of problems. Why would Bear stop at in-system? He would probably test all of the rules, and even after that phase, he could do really bad things like harass other members knowing the mod team won't step in to stop him. Even if Bear didn't do anything like this, granting special treatment would also break people's trust in the moderation team. It raises the question of who else gets special treatment, and this can develop into something very toxic, knowing that drama is easy to start around here and granting special treatment is already going to unfairly prop up a small group of people. A corrupt staff, is bad for the health of the forums, more so than one really active person leaving.

Bear leaving was fully his choice too. He was never banned, and he left with 0 warning points because he waited for the points to go away. If you are going to be angry about Bear's absence hurting the forums, you should be angry at him.

Edited by Ranger

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

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