[Game] Last one to post wins!

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15 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

so now you're just making fun of me for engaging with your topic? that's mean ;-;

you were so pompous

also ;-; is my personality trait, just like purple

Edited by aubreyshield

Aubrey (they/them) speaks like this and Shield (they/them) speaks like this... at least most of the time.

Our profile picture is of Shield, because that's who mostly uses this account...

Those who know don't talk about it. And those who talk about it know nothing.

[Super-cool unofficial chat] [the outdated lore] [ official community discord]

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❤️ Is my personality trait. Yay, I figured out how to turn off autocorrect. It was so intrusive! I need more practice on this thing, but I’m only using it for social media. That should be enough punishment to keep my social media time to a minimum. Ok I just figured out key flicks too. Not too awful. 

Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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Are we playing a game where we reduce everyone's personalities to emojis? Okay, my personality, the entire thing, is 😈

Hello! I am UncannyFellow's merge-tulpa!

I ❤️ Roko's Basilisk

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