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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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I used to not like pineapple on pizza as a kid, now I don't mind it but prefer not to get it myself.

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1 hour ago, Nyarlat-hotep said:

Who's for vs against pineapple on pizza? I'm for it, Iazu's gonna have to get back to you.

Bear is a fan, Ashley probably wouldn't care for it. Before you start thinking I'd want chocolate on pizza or that I'd be sensitive to odd tastes, I don't share Darlene's weaknesses or tastes in food. When Bear had a treat, I didn't even bother to taste it. 

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I am dying lol this is fun


Also for some reason my favorite pizza is papa john's pizza, but everything I've heard about it from everybody says it is the most awful pizza and tastes like cardboard. why do I like it? Does anyone else like it? Do I just like bad pizza

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I don't think I ever had Papa John's. Believe it or not the last pizza I bought was $74 in a speciaty place near one of the universities and it was probably worth every penny because one slice was a meal all its own.


I used to exclusively get the cheapest 2 topping from dominos for $5 on sale. It was ok. The sause was good. There's a couple other pizza places I've enjoyed, probably the best value was a $17 one that I would ask for tripple cheese and pepperoni, but they slowly lost the ability to competently cook it and the last tine there was raw dough.

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