[Game] Last one to post wins!

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So I tried to run the most-winningest finder thingy but there's a problem:


whaaaa? Negative delta! 758.html 7571 -345240.0
whaaaa? Negative delta! 761.html 1 -97951927.27803715
                tulpa001: -1109d 12h 49m


Why is computers so hard.


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Hee! I've got a negative score!


You know what you did of course. You changed your date format options, but didn't reprogram your winning code.


Nope! This was run using old data, scraped back when page 761 didn't exist, but I had accidentally requested page 761 and saved it. Turns out when you request an invalid page the forums just give you the first page. You just happened to be the last one to post when I scraped, so the negative was from your post to the very first post (again).


The second negative delta was because when a page has timestamps like "3 minutes ago" the program has to know the "current time" (the time when the page was scraped) and before my program was dumb and just used the current time the program was being run as the current time to calculate 3 mins ago but now it uses the modification date of the file which is close enough to the time it was scraped.


As for the date format, I haven't done that because that would require the bot have an account and sign into which is complicated. I also considered making an account for the bot before since the current time according to the forums is displayed if and only if you're logged in. That would work as a point to use as the exact "current time" when calculating the relative timestamps.


I'll probably do it eventually.


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