[Game] Last one to post wins!

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Welp, I lost.


(Unless you guys decide to prove me wrong, but that would take an impressive amount of communication)



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Wow, it's really far too dead around here.


Here's a leaderboard for y'all:


You don't even have to click a link, you can click this [hidden] tag instead:



             Azure_Flame: 00d 00h 01m
                    Topy: 00d 00h 01m
         wickerman proxy: 00d 00h 01m
                   Laach: 00d 00h 02m
          Tulpa initiate: 00d 00h 02m
          Inkjet Printer: 00d 00h 02m
          Worst Username: 00d 00h 02m
                   Cacuu: 00d 00h 03m
           ClianthaMiura: 00d 00h 03m
             ThunderClap: 00d 00h 04m
                Anonymous: 00d 00h 04m
                 Akecalo: 00d 00h 04m
                    Yuki: 00d 00h 05m
              juasjuasie: 00d 00h 05m
               Lone Wolf: 00d 00h 06m
           superhelicase: 00d 00h 07m
                  Aerkyn: 00d 00h 08m
                    Zaya: 00d 00h 09m
                Ohmeghon: 00d 00h 11m
                 Desmond: 00d 00h 13m
                   Jakob: 00d 00h 13m
      fountain_and_flame: 00d 00h 16m
              stonetears: 00d 00h 17m
                konrad13: 00d 00h 18m
                  Joshua: 00d 00h 22m
                   Frost: 00d 00h 25m
                      CT: 00d 00h 25m
                 Douglas: 00d 00h 30m
          The-Transcoder: 00d 00h 31m
                    1369: 00d 00h 31m
                   Vrael: 00d 00h 33m
             Kyo_Tamashi: 00d 00h 35m
                Ponytail: 00d 00h 37m
                   Natek: 00d 00h 43m
                Argentum: 00d 00h 47m
               Heckhound: 00d 00h 51m
              Yamochix91: 00d 00h 54m
               madA12345: 00d 00h 57m
           Whitegemgames: 00d 00h 59m
               Crescendo: 00d 00h 59m
                 peacrab: 00d 01h 08m
                  Purlox: 00d 01h 14m
                    June: 00d 01h 14m
                Zozoquez: 00d 01h 17m
                    Sail: 00d 01h 21m
        AvengedSevenfold: 00d 01h 27m
                   Mosta: 00d 01h 30m
             radicalbenx: 00d 01h 44m
           FurryBlueNaki: 00d 01h 44m
                   AnFer: 00d 01h 52m
             arcanemagic: 00d 02h 13m
            Camwoodstock: 00d 02h 53m
                  Sceena: 00d 02h 56m
                Bunnison: 00d 03h 10m
                DevSynth: 00d 03h 14m
                  aqn627: 00d 03h 20m
            Grockstar124: 00d 03h 22m
                 Raymond: 00d 03h 27m
                    Meti: 00d 03h 30m
           Biotechnology: 00d 03h 34m
                   Kovyx: 00d 03h 34m
                   Serif: 00d 03h 34m
               Ms. Spice: 00d 03h 35m
             ItsSwissmas: 00d 03h 48m
                 Charmed: 00d 04h 06m
                 Michael: 00d 04h 09m
                  Silvia: 00d 04h 21m
                  glint4: 00d 04h 24m
              Melisandre: 00d 04h 29m
               SparrowNR: 00d 04h 31m
                Ganymede: 00d 04h 32m
                 Corazón: 00d 04h 53m
                 Lucinda: 00d 05h 11m
     SoulslikeSpiderlegs: 00d 05h 48m
            raymond13557: 00d 06h 24m
   Quetzal the furdragon: 00d 06h 28m
         differentname22: 00d 06h 32m
      Some Kind Of Robot: 00d 06h 36m
           Andrew Powers: 00d 06h 46m
                    Amon: 00d 06h 47m
                PyroNeko: 00d 06h 53m
            TheSanctuary: 00d 07h 04m
                 Lacquer: 00d 07h 04m
      RazzleDazzleDorito: 00d 07h 11m
             When I Fail: 00d 08h 01m
                    geru: 00d 08h 09m
               Zyglotopy: 00d 08h 26m
                     Sen: 00d 08h 31m
                   Ghang: 00d 08h 32m
             Cinemaphobe: 00d 08h 44m
                  Hidari: 00d 08h 45m
              RailOfFire: 00d 09h 21m
  TheCrawlingCreepypasta: 00d 09h 21m
           Megan and Aki: 00d 09h 22m
                 Furries: 00d 09h 24m
     Mary's little lambs: 00d 09h 59m
                     War: 00d 10h 05m
              Th3 Spratt: 00d 10h 11m
                GuessWho: 00d 10h 46m
                  Piaapo: 00d 11h 17m
                    Kiah: 00d 11h 35m
        Two-tailed-tulpa: 00d 12h 07m
                    Trix: 00d 12h 08m
                  Saylin: 00d 13h 03m
                   Alpha: 00d 13h 57m
                    Ivy_: 00d 14h 12m
                   Ennui: 00d 14h 28m
                  Sebrek: 00d 14h 34m
                    Sesq: 00d 14h 48m
                    King: 00d 14h 49m
                  Samuel: 00d 14h 57m
                 LostOne: 00d 15h 00m
         Mechagodzilla82: 00d 15h 24m
               Kitsukrou: 00d 15h 32m
                   STeeK: 00d 16h 10m
          FadingSpectrum: 00d 18h 24m
               Catherine: 00d 20h 06m
                   Pleeb: 00d 21h 37m
              KipKitsune: 00d 21h 53m
           LondonWindsor: 00d 21h 55m
              mattmanlex: 00d 22h 20m
           KarlYoshimura: 00d 22h 38m
     NateAndTheTulpaTrio: 00d 23h 09m
                    Floh: 00d 23h 57m
                   Tacio: 01d 02h 33m
                 Auratic: 01d 02h 55m
                 Flandre: 01d 04h 27m
            solarchariot: 01d 07h 12m
                      An: 01d 07h 33m
                  Reisen: 01d 10h 47m
                Nachtara: 01d 10h 49m
               BubblePop: 01d 12h 37m
                  kolopo: 01d 12h 46m
                  Raven_: 01d 14h 05m
            SvenniTheCat: 01d 15h 12m
              Cold Blitz: 01d 15h 13m
                     Cél: 01d 16h 15m
            Kaz with a K: 01d 16h 59m
              Lumanatrix: 01d 18h 00m
           King of Manga: 01d 18h 10m
                    Luxi: 01d 20h 44m
         emptysketchbook: 02d 09h 03m
                  Muffin: 02d 12h 01m
                   Bosun: 02d 13h 55m
                    Near: 02d 15h 52m
                HenHenry: 02d 19h 15m
             LukeDude759: 02d 21h 48m
              SageDaBear: 02d 22h 02m
                   Piano: 02d 22h 48m
               Procron X: 03d 03h 12m
                     God: 03d 16h 02m
                Actinium: 03d 22h 51m
                  Apollo: 04d 15h 57m
                    Joss: 04d 15h 59m
                Metatron: 04d 17h 23m
           Doctorfoxwolf: 05d 01h 20m
                 Beatles: 05d 11h 06m
             Dreadwing93: 05d 11h 33m
                 Vampire: 05d 23h 35m
               kociara81: 06d 16h 59m
                    Tewi: 06d 19h 11m
              LifeInside: 07d 12h 34m
                 | Eva |: 07d 12h 45m
   theimaginationborders: 08d 18h 58m
             LittleTulpa: 08d 23h 56m
          AttackDoughnut: 09d 07h 21m
               Wolf31611: 09d 11h 11m
                  Aurora: 10d 02h 31m
                 Mistgod: 11d 13h 15m
            NoneFromHell: 13d 14h 54m
               Luminesce: 13d 19h 23m
               Linkzelda: 16d 04h 42m
               Anonymous: 16d 19h 46m
                 Lucilyn: 20d 22h 29m
          Gryphon Flight: 21d 00h 25m
                  Stevie: 21d 23h 51m
                 Ska'ale: 26d 12h 09m
             Glitterbutt: 29d 11h 38m
                    Rævn: 29d 19h 06m
                     Vos: 30d 00h 44m
                tulpa001: 32d 05h 13m
                Freedom1: 43d 09h 34m
          Paranoid Llama: 60d 04h 42m
           SomethingDire: 133d 22h 38m
                jean-luc: 143d 05h 46m
                 Brassow: 300d 17h 29m


Stats for LOTPW

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