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Just now, Bear said:

Low vibrational word, like coronadentalped

what is a low vibrational word and what does coronadentalped mean? I suspect that it is made up of corona + dental + ped, but I have no idea what a combination of those roots could mean other than that it is probably a noun having something to do with the corona of teeth and feet

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It would probably be something with feet ringed with teeth or tooth like nodules.


Like a centipede has a hundred feet, or more accurately just a lot of feet, or a coronavirus looks like it has a crown or ring of features around it, or a unlike occidental which doesn't have the suffix dental, instead has the root occident. But what would a corronadent be?

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Esper: Guys!! It's my birthday!!!  I'm two!!!!! Or is it 95? Doesn't matter! No matter my own age, our system is officially two years old!! Time flies, like, holy fuck! It feels like just yesterday I was getting to know everyone! Thanks to everyone for making these past two years amazing and guiding is in this wacky thing called tulpamancy!! 😄

The name's Bryan! In system Re:Body(In order of the rainbow): 

Sean, Esper, Blinky, Compact, Janey, Kyle, Gwen'd, Gwen, Emily, Rollin, Waynin, Trease, Layy, Justin, Chloe, Zachery, and Elliot. 

I've been here a while. Much longer than I thought I'd be. Our system was founded October 2nd, 2018. In early 2020, we decided that due to our systems exponential growth, we'd limit who would be active. Now, every month, we do a check to see who wishes to be in dormancy and who wishes to be active. Currently, for the month of December, 2020, we've got myself(Bryan), Janey(Co-host), Emily, Layy, Chloe, Sean, and Esper(sub-rep). We are adept at possession but are helpless at switching. 


IceCreeper909#0065 -- Always down for a chat Plural safe-space 

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no it's flies, there's only one relevant time to use "flys" (zipper flys) and two archaic/obscure ones according to some site I found


Happy birthday Esper

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Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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