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I bought some candy and I already feel sick after eating a bit. I feel like that's a sign of adulthood, eugh.

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I can't have much chocolate because of caffeine intolerance. I really don't like the pure sugar type candy like hard candy or other types of yuck. I used to like nerds, but I feel like they're like just filling your mouth with hard pixie dust now. There must have been some toxic cancer causing flavor in them before, because last time they were just sweet and sour chalk.


I used to like caramel but I feel like they used to taste better, now it's like sweet and sticky shoe leather.


I do like whoppers, but sometimes you get one that's like candle wax and sometimes you get one that's hard as a rock and sometimes you get one where there's no center. 


I like butterfinger, but sometimes it's really nice and sometimes you can use it to pull out old fillings.


Kitkat was always good except they *add* caffeine to them and so they have 3x caffeine. Never again.


On balance I'd rather have chocolate chip cookies or ice cream.





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mornin and i want some candy

hello my name is kaleb i have 2 tulpas ember who is 12 will write in green and insidious who will write in blue/teal .  "i am definitely a mad man with a box"!

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y is that?

hello my name is kaleb i have 2 tulpas ember who is 12 will write in green and insidious who will write in blue/teal .  "i am definitely a mad man with a box"!

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Necco wafers? I love Necco wafers. 


I like candy but I never eat too much candy, I never buy candy. We do get ice cream sometimes. I know people rag on it but I like Halotop and the other low-cal ice cream brands, so long as you get one that isn't 40% stevia powder and sorbitol, they're pretty good. Is it the same as ice cream that has 50 grams of sugar and cups of fat? No. But the peanut butter swirl ice cream popsicles are really good. 


Kroger - Halo Top Pops Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream Pops, 6 ct / 2 fl oz

I'd feed these to a child if I had a child. It definitely falls under, "If you can forget about those 650 calorie, double-chocolate-shell-filled-with-caramel sugar bomb Ghirardelli ice cream bars, this is amazing!" These are the mini ones, they make 100 calorie full-sized ones too.  Like, if you eat ice cream a few times a year, sure, eat the Ghirardelli. If you want to eat ice cream several times a month, eat these. 


I generally water down my orange juice (or apple cider, now) and now if I drink it undiluted it tastes amazing. 


I knew a woman who did a no sugar diet for something like 8 months. She still ate things with sugars like bell peppers and apples, I forget her exact requirements. It had broad, strong health benefits for her, but I always wonder with diets like that if it's really about sugar being the devil vs. the fact that excluding products with sugar means cooking your own food, eating more protein and lean fats, eating less in general, etc. 


Once my mom did this diet where, instead of banning things etc, it had set food groups that you had to eat so much of every day. As in, you had to eat a fruit, three vegetables, a bean/legume, two servings of grains, something like that every day. The idea was that you'd plan such filling and healthy meals, you'd be prevented from eating crappy quick meals because you'd be full up on all your lovingly packed lunches. I think that might be a good diet for someone who doesn't really have over-eating/binging habits but instead just never learned to devote time to preparing their own food and is addicted to processed, unhealthy ready-meals. But my mom buys all these books and magazines about superfoods and healthy eating etc etc, and tries to do things like eat turmeric and kale and "health" food but it means nothing because she's not obese for lack of turmeric; she's a sedentary, depressed binge-eater. She really needs therapy, lol... But maybe the answer is in another healthy-eating recipe book. 


I wonder why the average American is overweight. I wonder if it's "bad habits" alone like soda-drinking or candy and cheap sweets, or eating fast food as meals, or heavily processed and caloric foods... I wonder how common "I don't spend time or money on food, I just eat McDonalds and Doritos to live" is vs. binge-eating disorders. 

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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