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I managed to deliberately have a lucid dream this morning, but it was frustrating. A lot of just trying to do things that I can't do or that didn't work. I want to know how to make dreams what you want them to be, otherwise they just end up as awkward and potentially lamer than real life

Creation for creation's sake.

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16 minutes ago, TB said:

A lot of just trying to do things that I can't do or that didn't work. I want to know how to make dreams what you want them to be


Welcome to Learning Lucid Dreaming, Part 2


Yeah, you do not automatically gain complete mastery over the dreamscape just because you're aware you're dreaming. Some people gain more control by default than others, though. It's all about what your brain is willing to accept. The most basic and universal rule of dream control is: You can do or change what you believe you can.


The most common examples being people who couldn't fly, until they say picked up and held a small stone they "believed" was a magic, flight-granting pebble. Others can only fly with their arms out in the Superman pose, or with the aid of some technology or magic or so on. Maybe a Peter Pan-esque dream character could "teach you" how to fly. Basically whatever it takes to convince your brain you should be able to do it.


Personally, this will be the next big wall to overcome once I can actually become lucid more than once every few months: I have to figure out a way to ~summon my tulpas. The last time I was lucid I tried making Flandre appear by imposing her as I do in real life, but it didn't work at all. I have gotten no good opportunities to try other things since that, however many months ago.


The next thing I intend to try is "expecting" a scenery change when moving to another area, where my tulpas will be, possibly (optimally) being our Wonderland where I'd fully expect to see them (meaning my brain is more likely to believe they would be there). As you gain more familiarity with the unreal experiences lucid dreaming can provide, believing and so creating them at will later becomes much easier. Eventually people who needed tricks before simply learn to fly at will, probably because they can vividly imagine the experience and how it "should" happen. Presumably I'll at least get to a point where I can make my tulpas appear by simply expecting them to be behind me when I turn around.


A long time ago, I managed to make a door to our wonderland appear behind me by turning around and expecting it to be there. The dream was extremely unstable and I didn't make much progress as things kind of fell apart from there, though.


Practice would be nice...

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Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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It is weird and random for me though. A lot of the things I try I have done before easily. For me it seems like some dreams I am able to be other things or do other things, and in some I just can't for no explainable reason. I don't think I believe whatever it is I am trying to do is not possible, since they are things I have done before in dreams and since I know I am dreaming I usually just expect it should happen but then it doesn't. Some dreams I am also even less abled than real life, like being unable to walk or feeling like I am too weak to do basic things


I feel a bit inspired to look into it more and perhaps keep trying, though. I hope you can get to working on stage 2 soon since you've been on stage 1 for so long, too

Creation for creation's sake.

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Aw man. My fav topic just when I have to leave :(

Hello, I'm Miichu, and I'm the main fronter of this system.

The others are Miri, who's the original host and co-fronts with me.

Progress Report and my Art Thread


Waka Waka x3

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If you mean lucid dreaming, I guess the topic could still be going


I just know I woke up around 5 am and as I went to go back to sleep I intended to lucid dream and it worked. I wanted to become one of my characters in it, but it didn't work out. Starting as myself and having to turn into something is really hard it seems, as opposed to starting out as something different. The character I wanted to be is small, so it becomes hard to not see things from my normal height and to shrink myself. I remember taking some inches off I think, but I needed to be like 3'4", and then also everything else it entails


Are you able to do that?

Creation for creation's sake.

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