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Whoops, the forum went down earlier and I never posted this, now it feels kind of lame to post lol. Oh well


5 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

when you say "retard", do you mean an autistic person or just someone who is taken advantage of by society?


Did everyone forget what "retard" used to mean just because we stopped saying it for a few years? The term refers/referred to people with Down's Syndrome. Derogatory, but coming from the word "retard" meaning to slow, in reference to people with down's being mentally slow. Literally nothing to do with autism, unless you mean some kind of "low-functioning" autism that's similar to down's, although.. last person I saw who was "low-functioning" autistic was literally wheelchair-bound and drooling, and even in the most well-meaning use of the word I don't think "retard" would apply there.


Anyways, I actually ended up stopping using the word retard because everyone was just SO insulted by it. However, I'm still a major proponent for dissociating insults like that from their original meaning in favor of becoming generic insults. As a reminder, "dumb" originally referred to people who couldn't speak, while "imbecile", "idiot", and "moron" referred to IQ levels. However, people these days who have low IQ aren't offended every time they hear the word idiot or moron (unless it's directed at them of course), and I think the same should apply to all insults that are frequently used in nonspecific ways like that.  


Incredibly specific insults like the N word and really most racist ones, this generally doesn't apply to, except over like 100+ years. I don't know any examples, but I'm pretty sure some insults/negative words exist that used to be racist, but aren't anymore.

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Insulting in general doesn't seem good

Creation for creation's sake.

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4 hours ago, Luminesce said:

Did everyone forget what "retard" used to mean just because we stopped saying it for a few years? The term refers/referred to people with Down's Syndrome.


Uh no.




Though I believe you that it did, that was a short lived connotation. The derogatory useage as I describe came into use in the 70's. My brother and his friends used it like it they were getting paid to say it. In my jr. High it saw excessive use and it appears in many movies in the 80's. I haven't heard it in a long time but Ido's host is older and in Germany and apparently still uses it and it follows that so would she. That switched me into the memories of being a child using it and I didn't think anything of it, like calling myself one couldn't possibly offend anyone, but it's hard to say anything derogatory recently without offending everyone under the age of 30.


6 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

really? I was always told that it was an outdated and derogatory word synonymous with autistic. if what you are saying is the case, then where does the autism connection come in?



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My parents would call someone or something retarded if it was stupid, and I picked that up from them. I get surprised when someone tells me that's more offensive than fuck and can get you thrown out of places now.


I have a hard time giving up retarded, but I have distanced myself more from calling stupid things gay. I never realized the former was now comparable to the other f word.

I actually use this as a form now, but it's not my main one. I'm still not a hippo, neither is Ranger.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


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