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Shai blankfaced me for a minute before she teleported on top of my head. I can't stare there.

I tried it with Telk also:






..What the heck is wrong with you today?

and then after a minute of more staring and he started loading up his laser. You just don't win a Dalek in a staring contest.


Age: 420 days (6th Nov)

Form: Fluttershy minus the cutie mark and with yellow eyes



Age: 364 days

Form: Ninth Doctor or a Dalek



Age: 231 days

Form: Human female, medium length dark violet hair, late teen/ young adult

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"There's a Universe in my eyes" he says. "You touch my soul"

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

Birthdate September 20, 2014.

Sentient October 1, 2014.

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