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Count to 10,000!

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"281 dead maggots" makes for a terrible ice breaker.


Physik (Anthro fennec, 4 years old) - Summer (Anthro two-tailed fox, 2 years old) - Shay (Anthro Shaymin, 11 months old) - Hope (Anthro Mega Absol, 11 months old) - Sai (Ninetales, 7 months old) - Xeian (Floatzel, 3 months old) - Leaf (Anthro kitsune, very young) - Latias (Latias, very young)

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285, this is not a good rhyme .n.

Call me Pretty-chan, sir

im an idiot and im not afraid to admit it

Working on mah Tulpa. I'm also fictionkin and felinekin so kindly go away before I cuss at you for judging me

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