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Enny's new and (Probably) exciting adventures in Tuppermancy (Remastered 2022 ​😎​)


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On 1/6/2022 at 3:39 AM, Glaurung26 said:

Welcome back! Always good to have fresh activity even from people that have been here a while. 


Feels weird to consider posting again, but it's nostalgic and I guess kinda cathartic in ways as well


Talking to Coco again is kinda wacky. I've been making a conscious effort to kinda spatially separate where our head-voices come from, and it's definitely having some kind of effect. Idk if I was doing this the last time we were really going hard on talking to each other, but it's probably worth continuing to do. My voice is located where my head is, hers is somewhere off to the side. It's easier than trying to feel for some weird figurative difference in the, idek, energy or general feeling of our voices. Like, it's not distinctly alien, but it's distinctly coming from outside of my noggin, which is worth something. 

I'm still largely subscribing to methodologies that hold intent over all else, so it doesn't matter what is, just what I mean to do, I guess. Idk, I'm kinda drunk, so I'm doing what I can to articulate here, bear with me.

One thing I do for income is food delivery via bike, so I'm finding that to be a good time to talk. It's not consistent through the entire thing, but it's fairly quality I think. Easy to put her on the rear rack of the bike or something and idly chat about stuff while we're working. 

Starting to watch stuff with her again as well, a bit harder than it used to be. I used to be able to split my attention between the whole passive imposition meme and watching whatever fairly well, but I'm finding myself getting zoned in a bit on the show/movie. Still, I'm not forgetting she's there, and whenever I speak to her, she responds and seems fairly coherent, so that's something. I wonder if it'll ever get to the point where she chimes in on her own? I've read a lot of people state that that's not something they experience, so I do wonder if that's even a thing. Definitely puts the entire thing, tuppers, into a different light whichever way actually winds up being the case. Not gonna complain either way, just something that I think about.

Cool stuff, epic and fun. I'm not as deep into horsefuckery these days, but I'm still I guess adjacent to it in many ways, so it's been some adjustment having her be a horse. I'm messing with the form a little bit and trying to see if I can get it consistent and not weird, but given my bad visuals, it's an effort. I think I've made progress conceptually, but it's not something I can visualize. Knowing is worth something, though. Form in general is one of the least important things right now, it could be one thing or another, and I'll try to have a conversation with her about it later, but given her entire template was based off of a horse RP character, there's a lot of stuff that's built in and leaning towards all of that. 

Not sure what my current goals should be. Short-term or long-term. I mean in a perfect and magical world, imposition and parallel processing would be amazing, but I don't even know if those are real, according to current tupper lore and understanding. People can chime in and say what it is one way or the other, but the community and lore seems more split and subjective than it ever did during the majority of my active career on these forums, right now. Just, from the reading I've done. I don't know if I'll ever be able to take anybody at face-value, I guess, there's just no way without experiencing things for myself, if I ever do, or even can.

Either way, for now I guess the goal should just be to re-establish talking and spending time together as normal, so that'll probably take weeks or months before it could be considered done. She seems more separate from me than she did whenever I fell off of talking to her, but whether that's tupper-progress or my own personal brain progress, I don't know. Same effect either way, just changes the way that I need to move forward to get more out of it, I guess. I'll try to think on it.

Cool update Enny, you're so epic aaaa.

Anyway Coconut is partaking of imaginary alcohol as well, not something she usually/used to do, but I asked if she wanted to and she did, so she is. It's funny, even when I'm fucked up on something or other, she would typically cut through seeming sober. I don't know if I had designated her some responsible part of my mind when I would let substances mess with my brain, but yeah. Now she seems about as stupid as I am, so that's cool and novel in its own way lmao. Drunkness is almost a switch though, until a certain level of inebriation, so right now I guess we're both just at the stage where we're more suggestible to being stupid, I guess we could still just flip our brains into "sober" mode (Not blood-alcohol sober obv, just more-rationally sober). I wonder how she'd react if she tupper drank enough tupper booze to get tupper fuckered up? Could she un-fuck herself at that point? There certainly exists a point where I personally can't get back to rational thought at all, although I guess it's a decently high threshold these days. 

Not deliberately gonna try to drink our brains into mush, but it's something to occupy thought. I haven't had THC since I started doing this again, it's something that I guess I should keep in mind whenever I do, again.

Enny and Coconut Café out 

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If you only knew what all this cost - What she gave up, just to save her art


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