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What Connected tulpas with the show My Little Pony?

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I figured it was just that someone who was into MLP found and took interest in the practice, and then because of that interest shared it on a MLP community. So a bunch of folks in the community took interest too and boop! There you have it. The majority is brony.

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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Well i kinda came from the /mlp/ board, but that was when there was actually credible stuff in tulpa general. I personally didn't feel comfortable making a pony tulpa... i admit it would have been kinda cool, but it didn't seem genuine and i wasn't about to have my tulpa go through an identity crisis o.O Yet i digress, i am very happy to have found this site! Even by 'unconventional' means lol. You all seem like wonderful people and i'm thankful to be in such company!

(Insert deep emotional/philisophical phrase here)

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I'm a brony and have a strong attachment to the character Rainbow Dash for whatever reason. She has also risen to be a star character in my wonderland/fanfiction, which is why I have one of her. It works double well, too, because she's perfectly happy with that form.

Current: Rainbow Dash & Ruby the Dolphin


LINK to the story of my Wonderland.


The story is the product of 16 years of stress, tension, etc, and is uncensored, read at your own risk.

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I've always kind of hated the brony fandom just because I hate the new season of my little pony (so if you're a brony don't take offence, this is not about me hating you). I always loved how my little pony tales (my childhood) was so girly and magical and even though there wasn't much personality small me loved the pink's and purple's and sparkles.


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I myself am not a fan of the show and have never seen more than one episode, but I noticed tulpas being related with MLP. What is the reason behind this? Was there an episode with pony tulpas or is it just part of the MLP fad?


idk ,i have been in the community for 2 years and for a female,i kinda of dont like the show,i mean its not bad or anything,idk maybe because im a tomboy xd,but some of the ocs are cute ^ ^

Tupla: Clicker the dragon, H, and twisted 

Clicker: im a silly playful girl that loves songs but i will try my best to not annoyed my host (Dragon wolf)

H: .....im a gray dragon with blue horns i guess?...i like nature...? (Gray small dragon)



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I think it's super cute but we never saw any episodes at all till someone here told me I reminded them of Pinkie Pie and I was like.. eh? *google search* *investigate*

Technically, I'm still the target age for the show and I dooo like the songs and cute stuffs but.. I dunno, I prefer magic girl animes. The ones they DON'T get killed in. Found that out the hard way, blehh.

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