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42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa



42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa


  • Write a story together.
  • Stage a debate. Flip a coin to pick sides.
  • Do yoga in wonderland with your tulpa.
  • Read your tulpa a book.
  • Start a conversation with your tulpa. Each statement your tulpa makes has to be longer than the last one. See if you can get them rambling.
  • Try to make each other laugh.
  • Take turns picking a restaurant to visit.
  • Have them possess a body part and tap a beat together.
  • Listen to music together. (hopefully you can find a common genre)
  • Sing a duet.
  • Focus on developing their unique scent. Smell them.
  • Write poems to each other.
  • Snuggle with them.
  • Explore their body (sexually or non-sexually).
  • Watch a bad movie and go Mystery Science Theater 3000 on it.
  • Collaboratively write the story of your tulpa journey so far.
  • Play a rhyming game.
  • Dress each other in fancy outfits.
  • Play 20 questions.
  • Tell your tulpa a story. Pause to answer questions.
  • Design a race course/obstacle course in your wonderland and have a race.
  • Watch some of your favorite memories projected on a movie screen.
  • Meditate with your tulpa.
  • Play Chess or Checkers.
  • Spar with each other.
  • Ask your tulpa to surprise you.
  • Go on IRC with their name and have them proxy/possess the whole time.
  • Have your tulpa pilot an airplane in your wonderland.
  • Play hide and seek. Impose your tulpa and try to sense their location.
  • Do art together.
  • Take online questionnaires. Compare results.
  • Possess each other fully and have fun. ;)
  • Obtain a Muse (goo.gl/WGBYHX) or EEG and do experiments.
  • Have your tulpa learn different things than you. (languages, hobbies, etc.)
  • Have a conversation with them out loud. (use a bluetooth headset)
  • Have your tulpa pose and draw them. (even if you can't draw)
  • Write a long description of your tulpa and read it back to yourself as if it were a novel.
  • Imagine your tulpa's respiratory and circulatory system.
  • Play the black box game (community.tulpa.info/thread-forcing-black-box-differentiation-exercise)
  • Make your tulpa do math.
  • Hypnotize them. Have them hypnotize you.
  • Create a sensory bridge and have your tulpa taste various different foods.
  • Impose them beside you as you're walking.
  • Have a possession fight over a finger or hand.
  • Learn how to lucid dream. Lucid dream with them.
  • Watch your tulpa go about their daily routine in your wonderland.
  • Imagine you're both characters in an alternate reality. (sci-fi, western, fantasy, etc.)
  • Let go and try to experience an altered state of consciousness. Ask them to try guiding you.
  • Imagine you're an inanimate object/tool/utensil and have your tulpa use you.
  • Practice vocal possession. Does your tulpa sound different from you? Can they also imitate your normal speaking voice?
  • Go on a date with them. (You don't have to be in a relationship to go on a date ;)
  • Find 10 things different between you and your tulpa.
  • Take nice pictures, print them out, and impose your tulpa onto the picture.
  • Give yourself an alternate form for your wonderland. Let your tulpa change it.
  • Look at the clouds or stars and take turns picking out shapes that look like things.
  • If they sleep and eat, wake them up with a smile and breakfast.
  • Practice talking with fake accents.
  • Try science! Create a hypothesis, design a replicable experiment, and report the results, whether negative or positive, to the tulpa community!
  • Pick 2 new words in the dictionary and use them as much as possible throughout the day. (This is optional:
  • Play a physics based game in your wonderland, like marbles.
  • Have a who can be less competitive competition.
  • Have your tulpa interrupt you while you're talking, like Dr. Evil.
  • Hug your tulpa every day. Send them feelings of appreciation and gratefulness.

Jun 14 Update:

  • Alter the physics of your wonderland. (Flip gravity, make an M.C Escher-esque space, etc.)
  • Do improv comedy together on a stage in your wonderland. (here is a huge list of improv games improvencyclopedia.org/games/)
  • Create a Bucket List with your tulpa. Work towards completing it.


Oct 8th Update:

[*]Dance with each other. Have a dance off. Mimic each other's moves.

[*]Do extreme sports (or regular sports) in your wonderland.

[*]Try out a sensory deprivation/float tank.


I hope you guys have some fun times doing the stuff on this list.

If you have any more ideas for things to do with your tulpa, PM me them and I'll add them to the list :)



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62 seems like a paradox. If you try to win, you're being competitive, but if you try not to win, you're being competitive in terms of the rules of the game, so there's really no way to win.


On topic, this list will be really helpful. We were stuck not knowing what to do besides narration. Thanks.

"Don't listen to friends when the friend inside you says 'Do this.'" -Gandhi


Tulpa Name: Ellie

Created: 11/13/13

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Guaranteed fun :D


On topic, this list will be really helpful. We were stuck not knowing what to do besides narration. Thanks.

No problem, I hope you found it helpful :)

PM me if you have any extra ideas for the list.

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It's a great list but the 31 is misleading. You should just call it 'The Huge List of Things to do with your Tulpa" or something... You could turn it into a huge thing and just keep adding and adding whatever people think up. That's just me, though.

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I like how ironic 31 things is and how it makes people talk about it. :D

I will continue adding to the list, regardless of its name!


I am a marketing genius :p

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Reading books and listening to music is a great way of spending time even if your tulpa isn't vocal, it's an easy way to help your young tulpa develop. Also, break physics, that's my suggestion for things to do. Things bigger on the inside, infinite loops, defying gravity, that kind of things. Thanks to it I got a response from Arya for the first time \o/

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