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42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa


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Ordered or not, the order you present them is the order we read them. Having it go from basic stuff to advanced stuff and back constantly gives off a confusing vibe which could be off-putting to the ones who struggle with simple things. The very people who most need guides in the first place, I feel. Making the list have its items presented in a way that makes sense and targets the simple things first would make for an easier read that hopefully doesn't automatically turn potential readers away when they go "welp can't do that" early on and lose hope. For some, possession is easy, for others, it's very difficult. Same with everything that is related to tuppers. Another person is going to be very skilled with hypnosis and would see nothing wrong with having that being the first thing on the list, because they're so used to it being simple to them that they can't think of how someone else could be confused by it.


I'm sure that even if people would say that possession is "easy", they all would agree it's a bit more advanced and would come after you have built a good relationship with your tulpa. Which this list could help them to do, giving them more things to do together when they're lost. Which would be the more "basic" elements. I believe a more coherent order you present them in would be the best in the long run.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Ironic that I find this list now. Hyde and I are doing the first one on that list at the moment, working on an erotic novel together. :)

"Listening to her heartbeat makes me feel alive." - Hyde


Name: Hyde

Age: 36 years old

Form: Human

Done: Form, Personality, Sentient, Visualization

Working on: Imposition (vocal/visual/touch)

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Guest amber5885

Toby an I play slap hands a lot. It's fun and a good way to practice visualization.


We also have dance offs. That was his idea. We pick a song we both agree on and he'll do a move and I have to mimic it. Winner gets to pick the next song and hes a jerk. He made me listen to mmmbop by hanson three times in a row once.


Or there's his favorite game. Hide and seek. It's a little harder to do right and it doesn't involve me moving so much as trying to feel his general presence in the house. Pretty good practice in feeling his presence.

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I like to play sporty games like soccer,basketball,etc. with my Tulpas. Even went snowboarding,ski-ing, and sledding one time. We've also played tag but it ends up turning into a hide,seek, tag game.


I don't usually enjoy those games in reality but playing them in the Wonderland makes them more fun as well as more challenging.

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