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Getting tulpa in the mainstream.

Do ya want tulpae to become popular?  

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  1. 1. Do ya want tulpae to become popular?

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My feeling on the matter was well summed up by one of the posters on /mlp :

01/15/13(Tue)06:29 No.22599370

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Let's put it this way.


A Tibetan monk has given up a normal role in society. they have no wants or desires, and live with their most basic needs satisfied without issue or problem. They are at peace with the world around them, as a general rule. They have an understanding of themselves that surpasses most people's understanding of themselves because they have taken the time out of their life for serious introspection and self study, and have given up most of the things that drive people. They are THEN - not before - taught how to craft a tulpa, with the awareness that ones subconscious drives are part and parcel of any manifestation of a tulpa, because the tulpa is nothing more than a fragment of your own psyche given a measure of autonomy for purposes of self discovery.


Your typical tulpa manifesto is aimed at a general public, who has generally no control over it's drives, wants, or desires, has no idea what it actually needs, and is about as self aware as your average rock. You then give this child - in almost every sense - the ability to partition off some of it's conscious mind which still draws off of it's subconscious processes, and forget to warn them that this is in fact what happens. As a result, you have idiots like the /mlp/ crew who shave tuplas that are manifestations of sublimated desires and needs, and then tell them that it's A-OK to let the tulpa ride you in the manner of voudoun Loas and that it's perfectly all right - and in fact DESIRABLE - to lose control of the part of your mind that you willingly made into an imaginary friend.


That is the difference between Tibetan studied and tulpa misinformation tracts.


Back in the 1970's there were tulpas. Tulpas used to take years to make not weeks. They are mostly gone now I guess.


In a way it's good to see them come back. I don't think they should be "mainstream".



What I think that will happen?

People that discover this will try to hide the knowledge because of the groundbreaking improvements a person can achieve in itself.

Simply put, a scientist will discover this, prove it, and then wonder if people should know about it. After SEVERAL years, it would become something recurrent in yoga and in occultist communities, but it would be hidden knowledge.

Well, there were self-help books written in the '70's and '80's that actually recommended making tulpa as a way of improving your self esteem and maturity. These books are all out of print by now (sorry, I've still not found any of my old copies). The point is this was known about by psychologists previously but passed by as "just a fad".



Perhaps, similarly to what Inception did for lucid dreaming, there might be a movie made about friendly (and maybe less friendly) tulpae. The subject would be likewise presented in a highly actionized, sensationalized and unrealistic light, of course, but it'd still be something.

Well, Doctor Who has had tulpas on the show several times, up to and including Tibetan monks.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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I've never liked the idea; my biggest worry is that theatres of hipsters/ children/ idiots/ trolls, will make them for no reason/ the wrong reason/ just to be cool/ everyone else is doing it. It would create a band wagon and any band wagon atal is a terrible idea for anything; and, especially because deal in such a touchy subject, it would more than likely lead to a negative image of the practice and, worse, a lot of unhappy/ mistreated tulpae and mentally fucked hosts (though, that's only suggesting that a mistreated tulpa can lead to distress for the host).


I had a concern when /mlp/ began their creation wave; no, I don't associate myself with any pony fanbase. I had a bad feeling that they were just like ''Holy shit! A how-to-unwifu-your-wifu guide?!'' But I wasn't worried—because of how dedicated they are to their fandom; so I knew they weren't going to be retards about the whole thing; thank the lord. But if tulpamancing became the 'new hip thing', I would become incredibly concerned. Not only would there be a flood of frivolous, and potentially new-genuine-creator destructive, idiots, but very possibly an attack on tulpae and their creators; which could drive new creators away. (None of this is to mention all the annoying ass hats that would be annoyingly extroverted about ''Oohh lord! I have a tulpa! I'm so open minded; hark! don't mind the pun!'')


I think that if someone creates a tulpa/wants to do so, they will find a way and, most likely, find the irc of /info or another tulpamancer/tulpa to guide them as they need it.



Pruria Joal (Pegasus)

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Working on: Possession/imposition

Samantha (Griffon)

Working on: Deafness/form


And please, call me G.

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Guest Anonymous

Back when hour counts were still kewl and hip, I linked to the site on a music forum, and no one was interested, and I remember these two replies:

"Here in germany we call it psychosis"

"{something along the lines of I don't have enough time for it}"

Just something to think about, but in regards to the second reply, I was reading a thread and everyone was getting butthurt over having to use captchas when downloading files.

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Indeed. Right now, the "For Science!" slogan is so irrelevant and mismatched it hurts.

I'm hardly a leading light in tupper science investigation and research, but cheese-us crust...


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Just a fun question for ya guys.


Do you want tulpae to become popular? If so/ or not, why?

Name: Rose

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Form: Human, brown long hair, blue eyes.


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No. I noticed as a general statistic that the smaller the community the more intelligent it is, has less trolls etc. etc.

From the Tulpa's point of view you'll get a lot of people that just heard of them and will try to make one themselves without any proper idea, or use them in the wrong way, leaving many Tulpae harmed.

I think our community should remain (relatively) small.

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I think it's in the community's best interest to stay under wraps. Not only do I doubt that the general public would react well to discovering Tulpae, there's a lot of people in the world who I wouldn't trust with half a Tulpa in their care. Maybe if the general public gets a little more mature and less judgemental, we could try showing it to them.

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If that tulpa game pushes through, we may not have a choice.

“Life was a wheel, its only job was to turn, and it always came back to where it started.” - Stephen King


“No great thing is created suddenly.” -Stephen King

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