Getting tulpa in the mainstream.

Do ya want tulpae to become popular?  

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  1. 1. Do ya want tulpae to become popular?

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The great thing about the tulpa game is that none of the developers have tulpas themselves (openly, at least.) So if the game does take off, it won't look like a cry for attention. I don't want tulpas to be popular, but it would help us be taken seriously.

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I don't really care on a PERSONAL level. But when it comes to how it could effect community, I feel a bit iffy. The more people hear about it, the more watered-down I would imagine things being. A HUGE community would be over whelming. Not to mention folk who want to have a bit of fun, trolls and whatnot. There'd certainly be many more of those.

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No - Sure, we might get more guides, but most of them might not be as good as back then. Sure, it may become a word okay to use in your everyday life, but all of this doesn't mean that trolls would come and bash Tulpas over and over again, Howard Stern starting to stereotype Tulpamancers (Howard didn't just stereotype bronies, but also Eric the Miget) and a poorly accurate portrayal of Tulpas in South Park (Despite that I love the show, they might get it wrong.) Plus, I'd rather have people be saying "What's a tulpa?" than "You have a Tulpa? Lolz *insert insult here*" also, a bunch of wars would take place in badly made guides against the author of the guide and many other Tulpa fans.


Let's take a look at the M.U.G.E.N community: 1998 - 2006, the community was small. A lot of characters made for it back then were good. The point of Mugen was to make a boring fighting game against 2 Kung Fu Mans to Megaman VS Mario in the Bikini Bottom with a Marvel VS Capcom HUD. Until a viral video about Homer and Peter fighting in Mugen came along in 2007, kids were slowly, slowly, SLOWLY were invading Mugen thus starting drama and all that jazz. 2012 was when it reached it's point of extreme popularity. Mugen was no longer a fighting game where people could make Mugen characters and no one would care how badly made it was unless it really crossed the line of glitchyness and ugliness and the creators, 10 years old, 19 years old, bad creators, good creators used to not give a crap about each other, but now people make bashing videos over badly made characters rudely criticizing their characters and a whole total war with the bashed and the bashers come and go for another total war against each other. A good example would be Weegeeisgoingtokillm who made horribly made Mugen characters in Mugen standards. He would cry about it and troll people like Daniel999999gmc and Mattthebiscuit for no reason (Or was it the other way around?), the two go back at him and back and back causing a war to join up against Weegeeisgoingtokillm til he is gone no more then another person would come in and do the same evil deeds Weegeeisgoingtokillm did and it would be the same war and drama all over again. Mugen was just a huge competition to see who made the best Mugen characters there is. Such as that, people expect the best out of your characters one glitch or two = badly made the sprites are a bit clunky = badly made or even if the sprites consist of under 200 images = badly made... The Mugen character was made by a mugen author who was noted to make badly made Mugen characters = the character is badly made no matter what



The point I am getting to this is that the Tulpa community would be an endless war fest over crappy Tulpa guides made by 13 year olds, and it would just go on and on and on becoming a nice place to get help from other people to a war over this one kid who thought Applejack was best pony or the guide was inaccurate or had a grammar mistakeand stuff if it were popular and maybe even the Tulpas themselves would be involved in this. (As in the Tulpas would get insulted for what they are) So, would you rather have an unpopular community full of mature people of any age that would respect what kind of guide and character you like or made (as a Tulpa?), or do you want a popular community that would spread drama all over the place because you made an Applejack pony Tulpa? It would just be if the Mugen Community was the Tulpa Community.

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^ I agree with everything above.


I love people as a whole, I think we are awesome. At the same time though, at the same time, we can be the biggest douches.



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What we really need is someone that gets thrown into a nuthouse because of openly admitting that they have a tulpa in a region that would be militant on mental ailments (and takes the concept negatively without trying to dive into further research), and smiles while saying, "A room all for me and them, pre-packaged meals, and a shot a day to ease my pain and struggles away? More time to force. What more can a guy want?"


Or we can get a Gol D. Rogers-esque execution, but this time, with more tulpas, no fruits please. Inspiration everywhere people!

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No. I noticed as a general statistic that the smaller the community the more intelligent it is, has less trolls etc. etc.

From the Tulpa's point of view you'll get a lot of people that just heard of them and will try to make one themselves without any proper idea, or use them in the wrong way, leaving many Tulpae harmed.

I think our community should remain (relatively) small.


I completely agree.

Thanks for replying and voting, now I know im not the only one who would like it to remain underground ^.^

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I actually want the community to be growing - with the heavy constraint that I want more people with actual experience, and more different kinds of tulpamancing that will hopefully develop in the next ten years.


Not just more people, of course.

I can't see this getting close to mainstream, or even to lucid-dreaming-mainstream, so there's not much to fear there. I hope.;)


Some scientific studies would also be cool. Or books.



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