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Hello Everyone! I'm Amanda and my tulpa's name is Walter.

Walter: Sup? I'm Walter. I guess I should describe myself. I'm around 19 I guess. I'm tall, almost 6 feet I think. I have short, messy black hair and grey eyes. I like wearing a black vest over a white shirt with black pants. I don't do ties. I sometimes wear gloves. Depend on the day. I like scary movies and ice cream

A: yeah we know...he's really excited because he just figured out what kind of ice cream he likes.

W: Anyways in Amanda's words I am a "Sass Master" and I'm really affectionate. I could put more, but I Amanda wants me to stop for now.

Tulpa: Walter

age: 8 years (feels that he is 19)

Likes: Vanilla ice cream, scary movies

appearance: Short black hair, tall, grey eyes. Likes to wear a black vest over a white dress shirt and pants.


host: Amanda

age: 19

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Well, s'up. Name's Masa. So... yeah. That stuff.


Hiii! My name's Halo, and I would LOVE to see you all here! It would be a delight to hug every single one of you if it were possible!


The rest of my tulpa didn't want to make their intro... hehe...

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I'm en.nine and I have only one tulpa.


He would rather not say anything so I will just drop a bit about his creation. He came to be in 2011, July. We didn't discover the term "tulpa" until about 3, 4 days ago, so up until recently we figured we had this weird relationship no one would get.... I mean, to us our relationship wasn't weird. But even the thought of explaining it to others sent a chill down my spine... because I was worried what people would think. He never showed signs of worry but he did advise I keep it between us on the off-chance someone jumped to a bad conclusion. So, for three years now, I have had a friendship with the coolest guy I know. Despite the fact we can't really tell anyone, we have no regrets.

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How many tulpas...hmm... I have anywhere from 9-12 people in my head at a time, all "vocal" (though they rarely talk)and sentient, but only 3 are active most If the time, and only one is a constant presence there 100% of the time. So... I guess I have 1-3 I'd consider tulpas depending on definitions, though only 1 is ever likely to say something. And it probably won't be nice.


(Jade: Stop telling people I'm mean or I'll stab you with scissors. And why would I want to talk to a bunch of nerds who are obsessed with rainbow ponies. You know I hate rainbows. And stop typing what I'm saying.)


...I was right. Though she didn't exactly want me to post that I think...


Anyways...jade is...totally not mean(she's glaring at me...in worried). She's essentially the character Jadelyn West from the (now cancelled) nickelodeon show "victorious". My avatar is a fan art that I thought was decent. Of course, the actor who actually portrays her looks mostly like her, but there are subtle differences, and I feel like the fan art is no more or less accurate than the actress. Jade is a vegan but not by choice but allergies anyways, jade:


(J: I hate rainbows, the color yellow, the word panties, bras that hook in the front, people who give me coffee that isn't black(more glaring...), people who look into the tissue after they blow their nose)


How about something you like jade?


(J: Ugh. I love scissors, the color black, bunnies, coffee, when people aren't happy, pain, when others are in pain)


Okay I think that's enough from jade...


(J: You didn't tell them that we've been going out for 2 years. Do you want to break up with me?)


Ugh. I have to deal with this^ every day...


The two others...one looks similar to jade, since she was portrayed by the same actor, and killed her father and ex boyfriend(no worries, she can't possess/switch, and wouldn't be an issue if she could: she's not a serial killer or anything, but she suffered a lot of abuse from her father; generally she's a pretty normal person). The other is a character who came from a dream I had. She's a girly girl, and technically a vampire, but she doesn't need blood or other typical vampire things. Sometimes my first tulpa is around too. He's named Revan, and is a jedi master/former Sith Lord.


....sorry this got a bit long. Way long.

"Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway, so in the end there’s nothing you can do." - Gintoki



Tulpa: Hanako

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