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Tulpa Documentary

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

So I was on the tulpa subreddit and found this le gem:


Hey everyone

I'm facinated by this subject. As I said in a previous post, I first came across Tulpa's through Alan Moore's "Unearthing" which describes how a character creates a Tulpa of a moon goddess.

I am not a tulpamancer myself but I do practice close to 3 hours of meditation and yoga a day. The process of self-transformation and exploration is of great interest.

The Tibetan tradition is full of wonderful esoteric practices and it is amazing how these have been transformed into this modern day community. I'm interested to find out about the practice and discover how truly "independent" tulpas are from their creators. I am also interested in what drives someone to dedicate the large amount of time necessary to create a genuine tulpa.

I am a writer and journalist and I have started planning a documentary on the subject and I need some help. I need three or four tulpamancers living in the UK who are willing to meet with me and help me answer these questions and talk about their relationships with tulpas.

The documentary is in the initial planning stage so I am writing this to see if any of you would be up for this project. Once I have some people confirmed we can take it to a TV channel and try and get a budget for it. If that happens then we can go ahead and make the doc and pay you for your contribution.

Please email me nat213@gmail.com if you are interested. I will be very happy to answer any questions you have.

Many thanks



I might do a text interview or something, but if you want to apply for an interview, you should email the guy.

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Guest Anonymous

Well, I'm in the states anyway, but I definitely wouldn't want to show my face. This is still a very stigmatized practice.


Of course. I'm interested in seeing how it turns out, especially since Fennecgirl volunteered for an interview. It would be interesting to see the questions, and the answers.

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Guest amber5885

I sent him an email. This is really cool, thanks for sharing!!!

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