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New vidya

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Guest applesauce99

yes dig dug.

And Halo 1: Fellowship of the Halo

or Halo 2: Two Indexes

or Halo 3: Return of the Flood.


Or just Call of Judy: Modern Busfare 15.

I may or may not be high.


Crysis 2: Prepare for Disaster

Portal 2: The Other Headache

or a game where you play as some gangster with a personal score to settle after a family member is killed in the worst city in america, except you have to do missions for a million people that takes you on a law breaking adventure around a fictional city based off of real life places before you figure out that your own fellow gangmemberbro is the guy responsible for it.

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And how do you shift in Asteroids without phasing into something half the time?


Luck. You're only supposed to shift as a last resort anyway, so it's like a maybe-get-saved thing. Pressing it when you're about to die anyway is better than nothing.

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