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Making a doctor who tulpae?

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As a few others have pointed out, there is nothing inherently wrong with creating a tulpa based on an existing character. Normally defining form and personality is basically no different; you already have an idea what you want them to be like--the only difference is that you came up with it, and not someone else. On top of that, there is a good chance that whatever idea you have for what you want your tulpa to be like is based at least loosely on someone, anyway.


It is fine to have an idea what you want your tulpa to be like. You don't have to allow them to develop everything on their own, in the very beginning. However, they should always be given room to grow, and develop on their own.

If they want to deviate from the form you had in mind, or the personality, then you should welcome it.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Interesting points, but, like I and others have previously said, be absolutely clear to a tulpa that it was just inspired by a certain character and doesn't have to conform its own form or personality to said character. If you really want to, go ahead, but one might want to think about starting from a more basic form and letting the tulpa grow on its own (with support of course).


When I made Quilten (Jira kind of just...happened), I started with just a basic, easy physical object (essentially Navi, but fuzzy), as to make forming personality and gaining sentience more easy on him as well as giving those aspects of him priority. This, from my experience, is the best way to go about letting your tupper choose a form, because if it doesn't like what it's original form is, you both have to start over. This would be especially difficult if the original form was as detailed and took as much work as a human (time lord, excuse me).


To reiterate, let your tupper blossom into what it wants, and doing so will probably be less of a hassle for you both in the end. In the case that you still want to start with a Tennant form, just be able and willing to allow your tulpa to change or affect the it's personality and form however is wishes. Hope I could help a bit more this time.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

Tulpas: Quilten, Jira


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It is interesting about how in every guide I have ever seen they say not to model a tulpa after something else with the same character. Yet when you ask the question people do say its OK as long as you accept its changes. My friend is also comfortable with it changing and will allow it to do so.

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If people were used to recalling their dreams, they would probably realize someone's going to be derived off of someone. Being militant on anti pre-existing forms tulpas take on, whether through the host, or the tulpa's own volition is kind of like masking away the underlying probability that the mind, and/or tulpa would be deriving from all sorts of deep preferences a host would have for someone in general.


Opinions vary, but with a mind that probably has repressed, and entrenched desires that come and go along with changing constantly as you continue to live on, it would be an overstatement to really think that a tulpa wouldn't have some features, or some form of existence from pre-existing memories/thoughts and creativity in general in your own head.


If people want to create a belief that their tulpas can be genuine without deriving from somewhere, it's seriously a lot of gray area on what's really taking things too far with "based solely off of this circumstance and desire" and some other extreme. Especially if people have personal intentions and desires when taking part of this, you'd think deep down, what they're seeing in their tulpas may just be the totality of all sorts of preferences that goes about within the subsconscious/unconscious.


Too bad people are fixated on conscious decisions, and their own personal morality than reflecting things they try to run away from to sustain the belief that their tulpas aren't some carbon-copy, or based solely from so and so character(s). You'd think that a tulpa would be capable enough that their existence in their form can be changed at will if they desire, rather than requiring some consent from the host that deviation is perfectly fine. Mine still go about in pre-existing forms every now and then, and I'm pretty sure they're not foaming in the mouth, or having some psychosomatic insanity session because they don't feel they're in the right body.


Guess sentience ends up making people forgetting common sense, and the logic behind what a sentient being would potentially be competent in being aware of (e.g. form being flexible), and doing something with their existence. Isn't it ironic that we set these constraints on forms, worrying over identity crisis/existential crisis when that same fear is what probably fuels the potential for things to just unconsciously happen? I guess our own beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies can be the death of us if we ride the moral compass too hard, or it could be something rewarding when we take it loosely.



As for guides informing on form, and suggesting not to derive from pre-existing characters, it just depends on who you ask. With anything you see that states not to do this, or that...if you give things some deep reflection and thought, there's always some set of circumstances and justification that would make us feel at ease in the actions and behaviors we're expressing with our tulpas. It just depends on who can make a better justification, and that's really a matter of disposition. In my opinion, better to see 11 opinions out of 10 people rather a dogmatic preference of black-and-white moralities on tulpas, and screaming "you're a fucking monster for doing that to your tulpa" to anyone that opposes their views.


Take the vagueness and subjectivity to your advantage, and as long as you know you can reciprocate in some positive manner to someone implied as sentient like you would do to the people you engage with daily, there's all things you could do with them. What really matters is just what you experience with them, and no one can really coerce your friend to stop what they're doing.


That sets a road for all sorts of things, but overcoming adversities and tribulations isn't really something uncommon here. And to just close this off:


"Yup. And I always will be. But times change, and so must I... we all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and that's okay, that's good! You've gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me" - 11th Doctor


Take that anyway you like.

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If your tulpa ever wants to change, just don't tell them no.


That's basically the golden rule. Don't be that parent with an admittedly disappointing life who decides to live vicariously through their children.

An abstract, all-encompassing love is still a love, nonetheless.

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So today I told my friend about tulpae and he thought it was like the best idea ever. He had a question though that I didn't think I could answer myself. His question: is it a good idea to make a tulpa just like the tenth doctor in doctor who with pretty much the same personality. I know that its not the best idea to make a tulpa with a fixed personality like that, because you may not be happy with your tulpae, but is it still possible? Maybe like roll playing or something?


Just start the tulpa like that and tell it it can change if it wants to. Ravenbruck is sort of based on Mystique (from X-men, obviously) and she seems pretty happy so far.

With Tulpa /Ravenbruck/

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Guest Anonymous

If you want to talk to the tenth doctor who just imagine it. I don't get why people always want their fictional characters and dead relatives to come to life as a tulpa. Does anyone realize that tulpas are (supposed to be) people?

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If you want to talk to the tenth doctor who just imagine it. I don't get why people always want their fictional characters and dead relatives to come to life as a tulpa. Does anyone realize that tulpas are (supposed to be) people?




Wouldn't that contradict the previous argument you made on people wanting to bring fictional characters and dead relatives to life as tulpas? If they're supposed to be people, in your opinion (or at least emulate traits akin to sentient entities), and if fictional characters would have some traits akin to reality (e.g. anatomy), it would involve a bit of creativity and imagination that would probably be related to how fictional characters are made up, i.e., the end result is just going to be the same in some way.


And even if they just imagined the experience of talking to a tenth doctor, they probably would want to make those experiences occur more often, and potentially engage in a self-fulfilling prophecy in creating a tulpa in the first place. Even if they just had dreams of that fictional character, it wouldn't be surprising that they would garner deeper affection for them. Hell, that's how both of mine ended up starting as, and deviated far from it.


I'm not sure people can flick their emotions on and off like a switch like that so easily, and just experience things with thought-forms like eye candy for a long period of time before wanting to make them come to life. If you want to speculate on what tulpas are supposed to be like (e.g. people), you'd probably be cognizant of the concept that humans would be fluctuating between emotions and logic, and whatever ontology people want to use to validate humans.


I don't really have a say on the dead relative part, other than those feelings they can't absolve themselves from completely just like that, especially if those relatives where individuals that helped shaped who they are today; from upbringing, beliefs, etc.


Yes, there's always that chance of an identity crisis, and much worse (e.g. losing the novelty after waves of failures with tulpas), but if you're wanting to talk about what tulpas are supposed to be, maybe the part where they end up contributing in all sorts of things (e.g. existential strife, conquest of understanding self, etc.) should come into mind.


And how people cope with that, whether through idolizing aspects of a fictional character (e.g. their mental tenacity to persevere in overwhelming struggles), or just someone to emulate as an excuse to run away from who they really are, that's not really a surprising thing humans would do...just imagine if tulpas truly followed all the possibilities of humans to the T. It would be a wonderful experience of inner turmoil, and embracing that, as I'm sure it probably is for most.


But I digress, it just depends on how people define "humans" and their capabilities and applications of sentience. Though the type of disposition I'm seeing more often are just sociopaths, or just people and tulpas that haven't gained enough experiential learning as to why people would do these things in the first place...I don't know...to make them feel at ease with their existence in someway?


To have someone that could represent their pillars of strength in their darkest hours? Or something more than that? Who knows? Maybe those fictional characters represent elements of people; what they strive to be, the hardships they deal with, and much more. I get what you're shifting to in those that just make them for the sake of sustaining fantasies and otaku addictions, but with an experience that goes on in the mind, someone's bound to have their deepest and darkest desires being thrown at them, and they can't just resist it so easily.




It's easy to question why they would do that, especially if we're using an imaginary objective point of view that has everything solved, and then become mystified when we get out of that state, and wonder why they do so in the first place. Probably a sign to gain some experiential learning and empathy with others to truly understand why people would do these things before questioning it as if the mere desire is taboo, or just something to be frowned upon. Maybe that wasn't your intention, though it just felt odd the moment you mentioned what tulpas should be predisposed to be.


Seems more like question begging on what you really feel humans are predisposed to do that tulpas should also be predisposed to do as well...especially if admiring certain attributes of a fictional character, or just relatives in general would probably be an integral part of a human finding validation in their existence in some way. This creates an impasse, and makes it hard to find a justification because there's going to be a plethora of ways to validate the existence of humans, and what they should be predisposed to do, which only makes things more subjective on what tulpas should be "predisposed" to do.


This is where things seemed like a contradiction to me when you questioned how people can't realize that tulpas are supposed to be "people;" people that utilize symbolic means, and whatever form of imagination, patterns, and such necessary to create significant and personal meaning in their lives. Maybe this will show how questions like these makes us run in circles trying to find the answer, i.e., question begging.

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In my honest opinion, to agree with previous posters it MIGHT be possible, but doubtfully. In terms of creation, a tulpa is both the pot and potter to some extent, not one to be manipulated.


But one of the problems wigh, in my opinion, with even making a tulpa from any form of media is that it really shoehorns your tulpa into a role. Into a part you made them play. It'd be like planting a tree but restricting the sapling into a small plastic box. Tulpa creation isn't voodoo magic. You don't think really hard and hope really hard and boom. It's a loving process, an intimate process between you and him/her. Not making what you want in the moment and not copying someone elses desire or idea/concept.


From what I read in your post, you/your friend seem to not be taking this seriously, save for your concerned question. It seems like he/you are attempting to satisfy short term desires by making a long term "solution", which will bite you in the butt someday. And bite hard it will.


Think, would you even want a shoehorned tulpa you made in your (I'm guessing) teenage years when you're in your mid thirties? I would guess not. I really wouldn't, and I'm not sure the tulpa would be happy either.


All I'm saying is, do some more research. Take it seriously. Think long term in terms of decades and not years. I've seen way too many tulpae get abandoned by dumb teenagers who got bored of them, like they're just another toy. On the other hand, I also know from personal experience that if you're mature and serious, you can have a wonderful tulpa. No matter the age. (As long as the age is fifteen and above)


Regardless, good luck in whatever you do.


TL;DR Take stuff seriously, don't fit tuppers in a mold and look to the future before doing anything. Everyone changes and changes fast.

Name: Erin

Form: Animu girl, sorta kinda.

Personality: Awesome.

Working on: Strengthening vocality and visualization


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