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Hello everyone, I've been visiting these forums for a while now. Trying to learn as much as I can before I actually start trying to create a tulpa, Honestly I'm a little scared. But I've decided to give it a try. The only problem I'm having right now is that throughout the day, when I want to passive force. I never remember my tulpa, I can never just sit there and think about her. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. I'm 18 now so I'm sure I've grown out of it, but could that be a reason why? Really my question is how or what can I do to remember her all day long? I was thinking about a bracelet or something with her name on it maybe. But I would love some feedback on what you guys think. This is a wonderful community you have here and I'm happy to be making my first post.

Thank you :)


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Guest amber5885

Hello and welcome :) ADHD might be a reason you're having trouble remembering her and it's normal there are actually alot of posts about that kind I thing here.


Someone actually proposed the bracelet idea and I've heard it works. So yes that is deffinitly a good way to remember her.


My advice would be to pick something you can wear or you could even pick a song or genra of music that you could listen to to spark the memory or something like a lighter or a coin or something small to keep in your pocket so that every time you reach into your pocket you'll feel it and think of her.


Personally I wear a ring on my middle finger that reminds me of Toby. That works really well for me. I also have a bottle of axe body spray, the travel size kind that I keep in my purse and whenever I see it or feel it I give it a sniff and BOOM insta-tulpa.


There are a lot of things you can do and it will get easier the more time goes by. I'm at the point where mine is with me almost 100% of the time without trying. Just find something personal to the two of you and you'll be just fine.


Welcome to the board!

Also don't be scared! Tulpas are amazing companions and a really fun personal journey. There is a place here for progress reports if you want to start one or even read others journeys and get an idea of how other people go about this in their own way.


Anyway, you'll love it I promise! Don't be scared, enjoy every minute of it and enjoy your new friend.

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Amber, that's a great idea! Scents are very strongly associated with memory, so if you've picked a scent for your tulpa, carrying something with that scent is probably the best thing you can do.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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