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Tulpa Mentor Program?

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It's a cute idea, but do we really need this? I thought the forums in general were a mentor, using the question board and progress report threads to ask questions and show progress. It just seems kind of redundant, if not even narrowing the advice a forcer could get from a whole forum to one person.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Yeah I kinda get what you mean there - I suppose some may prefer the whole personal trainer thing, but with this (while I'm sure an experienced tulpamancer could teach someone one on one successfully) everyone is different and has therefore different backgrounds and experiences to work with or draw from.


I suppose part of the appeal could be people feel stupid asking questions in an open community when you're the newbie - I know this doesn't make much sense given it's the purpose of the board more or less (provided they attempt to use the search first) but yeah. Maybe that's it?


Or ..maybe it's the idea of being given specific directions rather than "do what's best for you - choose your path/guide/method" - perhaps this appeals more to some Mindsets than others ?

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Guest Anonymous

You can send private messages on this site. If someone wants one on one help, they should approach another member through this. I had done it myself early on, harassing all the Pokemon-tulpa makers, in turn making some friends along the way. The fact you can do this makes a tulpa mentor program redundant in my eyes.


Though I am all for regular tulpa penpal exchanges.

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