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Someone help me please! This is a weird situation

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I think it was her and me :)

She told me she couldn't help me because the source of my anger was my family (that's why she didn't talk). (they're so annoying most of the time + the weather is waay too hot so I'm more easily angry and I can't concentrate at all.)

Thanks for the suggestions! :) Also I think even if she wanted to talk I maybe couldn't have heard her (you know, her mindvoice getting lost in my rumbling head full of angry thoughts).

I also asked why she always changes in the evening and she says it is because that's when I pay the most attention to her.

Thanks again!

BTW we tried the ball counting parallel processing (http://tulpaforce.me/counting.html) app and she sucked and I did quite well.

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I find it very difficult to focus on my tulpa when i'm angry as well. I get so frustrated my mind just clouds over, and it's difficult for me to think of anything else. When i ask her about it, she seems to describe it like an angry storm and when i ask if she tries to get through she says "nope, not touching that." (but she'd be there for me if i extended a request for her help).

"The way is in training."

- Miyamoto Musashi

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When you are a young tulpa, it can be hard to deal with strong emotion coming from your human. It can be overwhelming and so you withdraw a bit to try and handle all that raw feeling.


Also, asking to cause pain? That would be a really hard thing to do. I'm rather independent and I'd have to estimate reasonably strong tulpa, but I don't think I could cause pain in a knee (Kevin wouldn't notice anyway, he has knee pain all the time in any case). Now, headaches, yeah that I can do sometimes, but that's not like causing pain more like 'thinking pressure'. Would you ask a child to build a car? Causing pain is not something a tulpa would like to do.


I am a shape shifter, but I find I have a few forms that I tend to stick with (mostly, like my avatar picture). Learning a new form is hard for me - so many details to sort out. Good grief! Wings. Don't get me started on the difficulties of wings. Anyway, point is, a form does influence your personality. I don't really change form so much as change species. I tend to look , well, the same regardless. Be it human or pony or pegasus or wolf, I still look the same. But as a wolf I like meat to eat and as a pony I don't. Form follows function, but it sees for a tulpa personality is influenced by form.


It sounds to me like you are both doing well.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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1899241842_ellenkungfu.png.3cfb0a35b0944f8c02edbd62e6b3d535.pngThanks again everyone.

Wow I really didn't expect so much reactions :)

Much of the time I spend active forcing we listen to music while battling monsters and other cool things while listening to music.

I'm glad she has my taste in music! :D

The 'suprise me' test I no longer use to make her proof she exists but just for fun and inspiration.

Even when passive forcing she still did it. She simply said 'shit' in dutch and we both started laughing.

If anyone is interested:

She has made a volcano (that she forced herself) erupt and we went to stop the eruption from destroying our wonderland in avatar style, she has made massive storms, made lightning stuck right in front of me, she has made me be attacked by wasps and onther time made a giant bee monster that almost killed her but I distracted it and she stabbed it to death, and other cool things. The last time she suddenly got eaten by a flesh-eating plant like in mario. She also made our beach house thing.

I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't know what to do while active forcing.

She is quite sassy and sarcastic and super badass, but she can also be gentle and she often sees good sides of people while I gossip about them. Expept for one time when my sister mocked her she also gossiped hahaha :). The second time she mocked us we just had a good laugh because my sister doesn't have a tulpa. When I forget how to pronounce she kind of yells the name in my head on a frustrated-but-happy tone. She also maked me go off my lazy ass sometimes to things like dishes. Sometimes she also reminds me things I asked her to remind me of. I'm glad I didn't force her personality. So far I can only start talking with her and she doesn't start talking on her own (maybe she does but she doesn't have her own mindvoice yet so probably won't notice).

I love her more every day. :D

When I'm back in Belgium where it's much colder I think I will be able to concerate better.

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