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Tulpa Name Coincidences


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I thought I would post this here since it's not really anything more than a casual idea to talk about.


My tupper, Quilten, has a fairly uncommon name. The closest thing to it is Quinten, which isn't even that common itself. I know a lot of people here have tulpae whose names are fairly strange or not really names that are used elsewhere (there was a poll about this a while back, but I don't quite remember what it was called). This got me thinking.


Here's a little anecdote: so one day I was sitting on my couch watching the television, like you do, and Adventure Time was on. There's this one episode some of you might be familiar with in which Finn enters a world of pillows, populated by pillow people. It was a good episode but something else caught my attention. The leader of the pillow people was named, you guessed it, Quilten (a play on words, presumably, between Quinten and quilt). I rewound it an showed Q and both of us were very amused.


Anyway, I was wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else, or something similar, maybe.

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Well, Fenchurch was named (but not modeled) after Fenchurch the Hitchhiker's Guide series. That Fenchurch has Fenchurch as her first name, whereas mine has it as her last name. And we've considered changing her last name to her nickname Fench, or Fencher, which is kinda in between.


After almost a year with Fench, I found out that Fench and Fencher are actual surnames. And there was a woman with one of those names (as uncommon as they are) who had Fench's first name too.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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This is actually pretty ironic, because something like this happened to us some time ago.

So, my tulpas have pretty "normal" names (Rachel, Yuri, Kyoko - even if it's Japanese it's still a real name - and Sol), apart from Cheren.


So, I perfectly knew that, even if Cheren really existed as a real name, it would be a pretty rare one, but never I would have imagined that there was an Italian politician with that name.

Also, I discovered that Cheren (which usually is spelled "Keren") is actually more used as a girl's name (my tulpa's male, in case you're wondering).


But seriously, when I discovered that Italian politician's name (and he's a man too!) it was one of the most surprising things in my life. I seriously wasn't expecting that.

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I had thought that "Zatarra" was a fairly uncommon name (it was from a dream, I asked her what her name was), until a new user registered in the lucid-dreaming forums with exactly that name.

An odd feeling, that.;)


As of the others... they either have relatively normal names or such strange ones that I would be very surprised in hearing them IRL.



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well, I like the meanings behind names, so mine's named after an hindu god, Agni.

I guess I just liked the way it sounded, haha.

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Elise's name used to be Europa, until she decided that she didn't like that name and I let her pick out her current one. It just hit me the other day while playing Gran Turismo 6 that Europa and Elise are both names of Lotus cars. So I guess that's pretty coincidental >.>

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My tulpa's name is Ellie. I was playing Borderlands 2, and once I saw the character named Ellie, I was laughing my head off. I was not expecting her to be that fat.


I've seen a lot of examples of people named Ellie online and in games, but that was the most notable one. And somehow, I've never met someone IRL named Ellie.

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Tulpa Name: Ellie

Created: 11/13/13

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Back when Zephyr's name was Aurora, I saw a few happy coincidences like this.


I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. <3

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Cyfraza would like to explain why she chose that name.




I still remember the surprise on Kociara's face when She heard this name for the first time. Once upon a time in Dreamspace (our Wonderland) she asked me why I chose such a strange name.


The first part of the name "Cyfr" I took from Polish word "cyfra" (cyfra means number/digit in english) and the second part of the name "faza" (here the sense is associated with electricity) means phase. I think this name fit really well for hackish person like me.

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I just liked the name Chance. I've heard of one other person having that name after I named him.

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

Birthdate September 20, 2014.

Sentient October 1, 2014.

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