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So, I started forcing last Wednesday, and have since been talking to my tulpa from thirty minuets to a few hours a day with some light visualization. Since I started I've had a very faint tingling in my side I've been focusing on. But today when using my mind voice I got responses occasionally, it hasn't happened since despite my attempts and it was only for about five minuets. The things Prince (my tulpa) said were rarely more than one or two words from "Mhm," to "Bye Max!" And things like "I dunno," keep in mind it's only been a week, I want others I puts on wether or not you think these responses were real or just me. I personally find it best to assume any strange feelings are him, but I want to be sure.

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Guest amber5885

You are totally right to assume that it's him and it Probobly is. This honestly sounds almost exactly like what Toby did when he first started talking. The first real response I got from him was "bye!"


Keep at it. You're doing good. Hell become more talkative as time goes on.

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Guest amber5885

It's all different for each person. Toby took a week to have the first few responses and now were a little over a month in and having full conversations that suprise even me.


But then there are other people who spend months or even years on their tulpas and see little progress. It's all dependent on your visualization skills, your tulpa themselves and you.


He's progressed fast to this point so don't be surprised if he keeps it up. Just have fun and enjoy it!

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Guest Anonymous

Are you sure it's real? Then it is.

Aren't you 100% sure? Then it might be, but you shouldn't force yourself to believe in it.

Are you sure it's not real? Then it's not.

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Okay just a quick update, lately I've been taking walks with much more simple responses from Prince, but just a few minuets ago I was going to post a quote from him on the off-topic thread (which I can't post on for some reason) and was going to make a joke saying "Mhm" "Yeah" -Prince. But when I was trying to do it he said "What are you doing?" Which made my heart rate go up. It's the second thing he's said without me having to call to him. And the feeling of knowing what he was going to say was totally absent this time. Just thought I'd note it.

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Same thing happend to me aswell with my tulpa its been a little less then a week and she cant talk yet but she moves freely and we communicate with body language mostly and i was worried sense it was so early but apperantly its fine which is a HUGE relief

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