Cacuu, The almighty shall no longer draw Tulpas in this thread. :<

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EDIT: As of now, no longer taking up requests, But will probably pick it up again, in the future, but with a new thread.



Updated images.

My tulpa, Agni



This was a commission for Miyi



What we ask of you is to write up a description [Well, duh.]

And also since i'm new to these forums and don't know a lot of you, i'd like you to introduce yourself to me [and your tulpae too!]


Also, I'm still pretty new to digital drawing (those are almost the only finished pictures I have, I usually do a lot of sketches instead) and i'm still learning a lot of techniques, so I'm looking at this as a way to improve my drawing skills and get to know you folks from here, while still providing something back to the community!

I cannot guarantee your tulpa will look awesome like he/she rightfully deserves, but I will very well try my best!

[its pretty much a win-win situation, right guys?]


So that's it.

Cya around.

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Very cool! It's always nice to see new faces around these parts. It's nice to meet you and Agni, I hope to see more of you in the weeks to come.

I'm Thewy, and my tulpa's named Erin. There's not much to say about us, just an average joe host/tulpa. (Well, me more than her.) We're always open if you ever want to chat, don't be afraid to hit us up, eh?


Anyway, I'd be super stoked if you drew Erin as I have the artistic ability of a toddler. Her description is as follows: A girl around '5 7", dark brown eyes and black hair that goes to her mid/lower back. Wearing a white blouse with a black tie and black skirt that goes around mid thigh.


I'll even make it easy and post the picture I based her form off of. Her hair and outfit is exactly like in the pic and general proportions. I'll be thrilled with absolutely anything you draw.


Again, it's nice meeting you. And thank you very much ^^


Edit: Since I can't figure out how go attach stuff on mobile, here is the URL to the photo.

Name: Erin

Form: Animu girl, sorta kinda.

Personality: Awesome.

Working on: Strengthening vocality and visualization


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Erin, I did her as a portrait drawing, (as well as a style I was trying out.)

I didnt focus much on the clothes and I REALLY can't draw manga.


Hopefully you'll still like it, haha.




And Yunifer!


I did her in a different style than the above, but still turned out fine.




First two, done!

Now onto the next!

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Hey! My tulpas name is Amber. She's around 5'6 and has straight, medium brown hair. Her eyes are big, in anime style, round, and green in color. She has a petite nose and fair, slightly tanned skin. Her mouth is small and the lips aren't very prominant. She has fox ears (normal fox colors) and a fox tail (big and fluffy). Chest is around mid sized, C cup or so. Her body type is slender and curvy. As for clothes, a red scoop neck shirt, black jeans, and black boots like these: . I think that's about it, if you need any more details just let me know ^-^


Edit: oh and her personality is very warm and happy. Can be easily excited and is energetic. That might be something that helps decide on a pose

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And with this, three down.




I first time drawing backgrounds alongside my images (even if this one is rather simple)

Also the first time I did a full body render.


hope you like it!

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It'd be awesome if you could do a drawing of my tulpa, Deortabe. She's a female red-tailed deer, about normal height for a doe, but with short antlers with 2 prongs on each antler. On each cheek there are 3 white spots just under the eyes, sort of like freckles, and instead of her eyes being black, they are a light turquoise colour (Both the pupil and the iris). And her hooves are navy-blue and have a sort of sparkly, glittery appearance to them.

[align=center]Host: Mike "Redback"

Tulpa name: Deortabe

Appearance: Female deer with glittery hooves.

Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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Agni is super cute. Like, wow, super duper cute. I love the scarf.


Heather and I are pretty new to tulpamancy. We're still in the early stages, but we've been making fast progress. She's spoken to me a few times already, and from the few words she's said, I can already tell she's got some biting sarcasm and is pretty laid back. I'm basically the opposite and am a massive worrywart. >_>


I'd be extremely appreciative if you could make some art of what we know about Heather so far, which is primarily stuff from shoulder-up.


Her hair is pretty thin, and the opposite of... well, bushy or voluminous. It's a very, very pale platinum blonde, almost a starlight white. She seems to like wearing it in a curtains style - pretty long bangs framing her face that reach down to her chin and a plain white headband, with the back of her hair worn down.


Her skin's a kind of dark grey, more or less this colour.


Her eyes are just one solid colour, red - not terribly dull red, though, it's kind of like blood red? In this regard think of her eyes as being similar to the pure black eyes of a spider, that's the best comparison I can think of. No pupils, no iris. Just red. (Kind of creepy, right...? Don't tell her I said that.) Otherwise normal shape for human eyes. She has some pretty noticeable eyelashes, too.


Her nose and chin are both pretty sharp and defined, and kinda pointy. Her lips are quite full, and a lighter shade of grey (in comparison to her skin tone). Up to you whether or not you wanna depict these, but her canines are very sharp and almost fang-like. Her ears seem to be slightly pointed, but otherwise pretty normal human-looking ears.


Again, super appreciative if you choose to art her!

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I like your Agni drawing, it looks really cute. I think even a simple background would improve the pic, though. Is it finished or WIP? Do you have a DA account?

Water can be used to cook foods such as noodles. (Wikipedia)

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