Tulpa and Fear

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Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum and thought I'd contribute with a personal discovery. This is fairly dark for a first post haha (i'm almost the opposite of a macabre goth guy) but I realized that fear is a catalyst for recall and lucidity when tacked on to something in one's imagination.


For example, I'm afraid of flying in planes, and I have extremely lucid day-dream trips of being in an airliner that going down. It made me think, "Damn if I can make this extremely real horror scenario that just surrounds my life with a delusion of with fear, why the hell can't I imagine something JUST as real with happiness and intrigue (like I assume most of us do with tulpa)." I think its only human nature that we would recall what we are afraid of better and more clearly than anything else. It's in our biology - a fight or flight fact. But, I am beginning to wonder if there is some way to salvage the lucidity of a fear day-dream and apply it to awesome tulpa constructs that I would rather have instead! (like a dragon buddy or a fantastical play-space)


If anyone has any horror tulpas around, I would venture to guess that they could interact with and see it more clearly than their benevolent ones. Has anyone had thoughts on this before?


If not, give it a shot! I think its worth exploring.

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Zero told me something a lot like this on the IRC once. I'm sure I can't put it quite the way he did, but if I recall correctly, he said that when you're watching a horror movie, you get the feeling that something is watching you, lurking in the darkness, and that you could use that feeling of presence for your tulpa. I wish he were still active -- I'm sure he could explain it far better than I do.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest Anonymous

He never really put it to practice just like most of his other stuff.

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