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How Do Tulpas Work?

Midnight Gaze

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Have you tried reading the home page?

ps. it's at http://www.tulpa.info/

> reddit tulpas




Our superior FAQ: http://wiki.tulpa.info/Official/FAQ

Our superior glossary: http://wiki.tulpa.info/Official/Glossary



Also most people here don't believe that a tulpa is a voice to your subconscious, the general belief is that they are another sentient being residing in your brain.

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Redback Spino

Short answer: Design your tulpa, determine its personality, picture the tulpa in your mind a whole lot, keep doing so for as long as it takes until it starts doing things you didn't consciously plan for it to do (at which point you may have achieved sentience). Then have fun with it.


As for the long answer, it's probably best to lurk around in the guides section, check out what other people are saying on how to get this stuff done. Kiahdaj has a pretty thorough one, Keep an eye out for it. But as far as I can tell, the basic step-by-step for it is (And bear in mind that this is an extremely abridged version, and I'm an absolute amateur myself, this is just what's worked for me combined with what most guides seem to say):


1. Determine what you want your tulpa to be. Personality, appearance, characteristics, purpose, etc. Discuss this with yourself a whole lot, write it down, study it, meditate upon it, until it's basically second nature to you (Make some creative way to memorise it or visualise it). The personality bit of this step is optional, because alot of tulpamancers just create the tulpa's form and appearance first, and then let it express and develop its own personality entirely independant of what you want. Whether you follow this step or not is your choice.


2. Learn to visualise your tulpa in your mind. Picture it in a white void, picture it in some location (Imagine a location in your mind that would suit this tulpa, its 'Wonderland' as they are called.), picture it doing stuff, walking around, different facial expressions, poses, all that kinda stuff until you can picture it perfectly, clearly and in detail in your mind. Meditative techniques to clear your mind of distractions and other unwanted thoughts may prove enormously useful here.


3. Keep doing this in creative ways. Visit your tulpa in its Wonderland, play with it, walk with it, interact with it in general. And very importantly, talk to it. This can be either out loud or just in your mind, but it has to be directed very intently to your tulpa. Odds are it won't reply for a while, but after a while it may start replying, as well as doing things or manifesting physical or personality changes that you didn't initially plan or consciously consider. This is a good sign that it is beginning to achieve sentience. Try to determine by talking to it, what its voice sounds like if you can hear it, or sometimes its replies can be in the form of text you see in your mind, or just a vague feeling implying an answer (like a positive feeling for yes or a negative feeling for no). Interacting with your tulpa, sentient or not, is referred to as 'forcing', and is basically what gives it life. The more you force with a tulpa, the faster it will grow. (I've been putting a good hour or so each day aside to force, as well as off-the-cuff forcings whenever I got a quiet moment and I'm not doing anything else. In the last few days I've made some pretty good progress.)


After that point, it's up to you. Maybe check out how to do imposing your tulpa into the real world, maybe look into switching places with your tulpa or letting it possess you. Basically browse around the 'guides' and 'tips and tricks' bits of the forum for lots of handy info. Talk to anyone on here with alot more experience than me, they'll likely have more useful stuff to say.


Oh, and you may be wondering why I'm being so vague about timescale in terms of tulpamancy. That's because there is no real set time it takes for a tulpa to be born and developed. It can take a matter of days, or a matter of months for you to have a fully visualised, sentient, talking tulpa. So don't rely on any guide that says outright "Do this and your tulpa will be talking/sentient/visible in real life within 2 weeks" or something like that. If you set yourself up with a specific deadline by which your tulpa needs to have a certain development, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

[align=center]Host: Mike "Redback"

Tulpa name: Deortabe

Appearance: Female deer with glittery hooves.

Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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