Rising From The Ashes: Abvieon's Progress Report

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Possible Possession Experience and Tulpa Hypnosis File


This happened about 2 months ago.


I had been laying down and talking to Alex for awhile, and his presence felt especially strong. Because of this, I decided to try to do something that I knew would be unlikely to accomplish that day, but I felt confident enough to go for it. I asked Alex to try possessing my right hand. Nothing happened at first, but I continued to talk to him and encourage him. This went on for about 2 hours, and throughout those 2 hours, my right hand started to feel strange - I felt oddly dissociated from it, and it felt as if it were being strained somehow, as if muscles and tendons were being tensed despite no movement happening. I had been laying down in the same position for awhile, and although my left hand was in the same position as my right hand, it felt completely normal. Nothing like my right hand. (This rules out laying in the same position for hours as being the cause for the odd sensations in my right hand.)


Soon, I started to occasionally feel a "pulsing" sensation run through a finger. The sensation was isolated to one finger, and it felt as if some sort of unsuccessful attempt was being made to move that finger. Soon after this, I noticed that my thumb slowly started to move slightly - it moved for a couple seconds and then stopped. Strangely, I couldn't tell if it was actually myself that was moving my thumb or not, though I hear that kind of feeling isn't uncommon when a tulpa first learns possession. I didn't have time to continue the session for very long after this happened. I noticed, that even hours after this session, my right hand felt sort of weak and strained, as if it had been through a workout.


In other news - a hypnosis file to help with tulpa creation was recently released. At this time, you have to become a patron on "Positivity Hypno" 's Patreon account to gain access to it, but it will be publicly released for free in 5 days. The file itself is centered around solidifying your tulpa's form and personality, along with helping to speed up your tulpa's autonomy and vocality. The file itself doesn't create a tulpa, it is intended only to strengthen already existing tulpas. In my case, it helped further solidify Alex's form and personality (Even though I don't really need to work on those things anymore) and made me more motivated to force more often. As for what it did for Alex, I'm pretty sure it made his presence a bit stronger, or at least made it easier for me to perceive his presence when I try. I've noticed that listening to any hypnosis file before forcing gets me in a better mindset for forcing, so I will continue to listen to this file.


Hypnosis, lately, has been working for me a little better than it used to. It never works amazingly, but it at least is giving me partial results now. I discovered this when listening to the Pinkie Pie file on hypnoponies.net - my personality and perception of myself was noticeably warped for 30 minutes afterwards. I became more spontaneous and felt a strong urge to talk to people. My typing style and speech patterns changed. I started having involuntary visualizations of Pinkie Pie. My real name started to feel like it wasn't my name, and it felt natural to call myself "Pinkie" instead. I'm not sure why this file was more effective than the others on me.

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"Furry Assistant" File Experimentation and Tulpa Development Hypnosis Script


A few months ago, I had heard about hypnosis files that had been taken off of the website "FurMorphed" for giving their listeners tulpas. These files were intended to give the listener an "imaginary companion" that would help them with things. These files were made without tulpas in mind - the creator of the files likely had no idea what tulpas were, and neither did the listeners. Naturally, they didn't exactly want tulpas. It wasn't what they signed up for. However, the files caused the creation of tulpas, causing an uproar and leading to the files being taken down from the website. Ever since I heard about these, I wanted to try them to see what came of it - and I have finally found them. 


Earlier in this progress report, I mentioned a character of mine, Aeternum, who I planned to turn into a tulpa at some point. I decided to try these files with her in mind, to see if they made her develop quickly.


The first file focuses on the appearance and personality of the "avatar", as it calls it.


The second file focuses on bringing the "avatar" to life. It describes what the avatar can do and how you can "summon" it (By wearing a piece of clothing or jewelry of your choosing and saying "Avatar Bound.")


Well, these files definitely did something. Aeternum didn't start talking or anything, but I felt a clear presence and got head pressure. I am going to exclusively use these files to develop Aeternum for awhile and see what happens.


Here are the files for anyone that wants them:





In other news, I am currently working on a hypnosis script to help with tulpa creation and development. I will turn it into a voiced file as soon as it is finished. 


Instead of explaining it here, I'll just link it: 



Yes, a tulpa creation file already exists, (The one I talked about in my last post) but this one is different and will overall include more than the other one does. I will soon add parts that heavily focus on strengthening the vocality and independence of the tulpa.

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K: All I am gonna say, is hypnosis can be useful, but keep an eye on yourself. It gets addictive.

[hidden]Kelly (K: )

Sam (S: )

Clara (C: )

Jessi (Jess: )

Eva (E: )

Jackie (Jack: )

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Destiny (D : or Desti: )

 Altru (A: )


Mute (M: )




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I feel as though Alex is closer than ever to reaching consistent vocality. Throughout the past few months, he has had a few more instances of vocalization - such as saying "I'm trying" in the middle of me going on a monologue about badly wanting him to talk. It always feels as if there is a possibility that is could just be intrusive thoughts of my own, but I end leaning towards it being him whenever it happens. I've noticed that he tends to interrupt me when talking - he never talks when I'm waiting for him to. That's a promising sign, as I see it.


I can't wait until Alex is able to participate in chats in the excessive amount of tulpa Discord servers I am in, I can't wait until my boyfriend (Who has already known about him for awhile) is able to finally meet him, I can't wait until I can have long and in depth conversations with him. I've wanted this for so long but life and my own bad habits keep getting in the way of getting him to where he needs to be.


I've noticed an odd and so far unexplainable physiological response to forcing, that occurs far more often than head pressure now. When forcing, my left upper lip periodically twitches all on its own. Sometimes it happens if I merely just think about Alex. It's always one specific muscle, and it never happens outside of forcing or thinking about Alex. I've asked around about it but nobody has any idea what could be going on, so I don't expect to ever figure it out.


The tulpa creation hypnosis I wrote was turned into a file and released on Gearheart's channel a few months ago. Since then, it has helped a lot of people in various ways. It gives me a good feeling to see something I created helping so many people. I haven't had much time or patience to use hypnosis files myself lately, but I do want to use the file I created. I've already tried once or twice but was interrupted.


I think I need to take a bit of break from the tulpa community. Over the past few months I have started disliking the community at large more and more. It's just stressing me out and isn't good for me at all. I need to stop checking the subreddit and forums every day, I need to stop replying to so many things, I need to stop getting myself into arguments. I need to focus on my own things. I'm a pretty impressionable person, and some of the crap I've read on the forums and subreddit over the past couple months have given me something similar to an existential crisis. I really need to control what I expose myself to sometimes for the sake of my own mental health. This may seem odd because I don't come across as a sensitive person. But, in certain ways, I am.


Right now, I'm writing a tulpa creation guide. I'm happy with how it is turning out so far. It's main goal will be to help people quickly and effectively create a tulpa by using methods which I have seen to work for that purpose.


I'm in my senior year of high school, have an internship, and am taking a college class, so am overall very busy and don't have enough time for all of my own things I want to do. Because of this, progress with Alex and that tulpa creation guide will probably be slow until the end of May. After I graduate I will be taking a year of my own time without going off to college immediately or anything - meaning I'll have so much more time and mental energy for everything I want to do. 


Well, I probably won't post here again until something significant with Alex happens. Bye for now!

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I use both the tulpa meditations on Gearheart and I think they've helped me a lot, so thanks if you wrote one. I look forward to seeing your guide. I also hope you have a better time with the community in general.

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Wow, I suppose it's time for an update! 


A lot has happened, both tulpa related and in terms of general life stuff, since I last wrote here. My tulpa guide is close to being finished and will probably be released this summer. I could have completed it in January or February if I wanted to, but I have been in no rush to finish it and it hasn't been my top priority. 


However, I have reservations about submitting it here on Tulpa.info, the reason for that being that the GAT is not going to like it and I am almost certain that it would not be approved. I am willing to edit my guide, but the thing is that some of the edits that I know would be required in order for it to be approved are not edits I would be willing to make, simply due to differences in beliefs between myself and GAT members. I realized this when reading some of the reviews they have left on other guides - my thoughts when seeing this were "If they didn't like this guide, then they are DEFINITELY not going to like my guide." One GAT member outright required that a brief mention of parallel processing be removed from someone's guide. And well, I have an entire multi page section on parallel processing in mine. This is not the only thing they would want me to remove from my guide either, so I don't think it's worth the trouble to even submit it. I might end up doing so, but don't count on it. When I finish it I will post it in this progress report and on r/tulpas.


As for my progress with Alex: I am slowly getting more and more consistent. There was a time when I expected myself to just immediately start forcing every single day without missing a beat - and I tried many times - but after awhile it became apparent this wasn't going to happen. I used to beat myself up over this, and told myself that anything less than forcing once every day was not good enough. Now, when I miss a day or two I don't become upset with myself anymore, and I just try again without expecting perfection. I have slowly gotten better, which may have had something to do with this new mindset. For the past several months I have rarely gone for more than a few days to a week at a time without forcing, while in the past it wasn't unusual for me to go a few weeks or even over a month without any forcing. This is starting to pay off in terms of progress. In the past, I would only very rarely feel a "mental presence" coming from Alex. Now, it happens almost every single time I force. This "mental presence" is something almost impossible to describe in words, but in a way if feels like Alex's "essence" and the sense that he is present and listening to me. It's worth noting that if I focus, I can feel my OWN mental presence. I have been able to do this long before I started creating Alex, though I didn't really know what it was back then. My mental essence and Alex's feel different in some way, which seems to be a good sign. There have also been a few more instances in which I think he may have been speaking. For awhile now I've had the sense that something big is going to happen soon, and at this rate it will. 


As for life updates: I and two friends are working on starting a business together. This is a good thing as all three of us used to be clueless about what we'd be doing in terms of work in the future, and now we finally have a sense of direction. The three of us when combined also have a very wide skillset, and we compliment each other in many areas where the others are lacking, so we will be doing a wide variety of things. 


It's also worth noting that my worldview and beliefs have changed drastically since last year, which I though I should mention as it affects the way I view tulpas in some ways. Prior to October 2018, I was a materialist for the most part. I generally didn't put much stock into metaphysical explanations for things. For many, many reasons, this has changed. To sum it up, after thinking about metaphysical concepts and explanations more and hearing them explained by several sources, a metaphysical viewpoint of the universe now makes more logical sense to me than a materialistic one. This has had very positive effects on my life. My level of fear and anxiety surrounding life has decreased and I tend to approach things with a more positive, optimistic mindset. 


In my last post here, I said that I would be spending less time interacting with the tulpa community. I'm not quite as frustrated with the community as I was back then, but I still think I am not going to be spending very much time around here. I don't need it quite as much as I used to - I don't look for advice anymore, other than re-reading guides to refresh my memory on certain tips and techniques. I will be updating this progress report again once I have more progress with Alex.

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I liked "Abvieon's Guide to Parallel Processing" and look forward to reading your complete guide.


When we wrote an account of everything we knew about switching a few months ago, we also chose to put it in our PR instead of submitting it as a guide. This was much less because we thought our content would be controversial than that we thought our approach might not be generally applicable.


There are, however, a great many helpful and widely used guides on the forum that were never approved by GAT. For years, the best switching guide was condemned by every member of GAT. So inability to get a guide approved isn't a bar to having a guide on the forum.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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You can always submit and people can read it in the submissions subforum. I read plenty of guides that aren't approved. Also I really liked the Parallel Processing guide you wrote.

My tulpa Aya writes in this color.

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