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abilities and weapons of choice in your wonderland

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:o moar pew pew!!

[shade here.. and lasers?! that is so amazing!! ray, why don't you have a laser gun?!]


... um... because we're at crystal technology at the moment.. and don't you think that would be anti-climactic to just suddenly have

laser technology?

[ but.. they make shiny lights and go "pew,pew"!]

... yes.. ok.... i'll make a few.. but laser weaponry can harm sentient shadows... at least i think...

[um.. no.. i cant be harmed by lasers, but light sure can hurt!]

well you heard the little foxie lady, i guess i'll add lasers to my repertoire as well









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Cyfraza: Your weapons aren't very original and creative. Mechs and lasers are too overrated. Lame, Lame.


Me: But when We'll put some good chiptune in music bazooka, is one of the things that you can get, is a laser whose radius looks like plasma effect from 90s/80s demos. This is a lasers Cyfraza, L A S E R S!


Cyfraza: But our weapons are still better than others. Pride, Pride.


Me: Oh Cyfraza and her elitely snobbery.

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well in defense of laser technology, you can make healing guns, life reference to team foretress 2.

[ray is the ubermench!]

??EERBBHS$#@! (i like fish!)

/Goldie:\ kociara's idea for a chiptune bazooka sounds pretty stellar. *sparkle!*


hmm.. well let's stick with our own ideas... i mean we're still in the 4th umbral crystal age for the love of corn!

: %$#@!!@? (what is corn?)









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Jessica has several blades strapped on her body for close to medium quarter combat (magic). then some fireballs.


My main weapon of choice is an ACR but it's a bit overpowered so i often stick to my flintlocks unless in "boss fights".

Really looking forward to trying out a halberd. my ancestors would be proud :cool:

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While I can pretty much do whatever I want inside, I tend to fly a lot, and create clouds that I can lay on and fly around with :P Sometimes Markus and I like to lay on a cloud and drift around our wonderlands sky... It's great :)

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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Not much so far. Our wonderland is pretty small and it's just the two of us, so rather safe as well.

Only two weapons we have are the medigun from TF2 and a portal gun (not like the one from Portal, but the one from the show Rick and Morty).

We created the medigun to heal ourselves after our boxing match a few days back. (Long story short, I tried to get him to respond to me, I lost my patience, got mad, we got in a bit of a disagreement. We decided to settle it in the ring. 3 rounds. Kalium knocked me out in the 2nd round. Though to be fair, I'm not good at keeping track of time so the rounds were a little longer than the standard 2 minutes.)


Oh stop making excuses. You lost because you kept leaving yourself open. The rounds were fine in length. maybe a few seconds off, but nothing game changing. - K


Anyways, we came out pretty hurt, but feeling good overall, so in order to speed our recovery up, I created a medigun. We had a good time overall.


Especially me cause I kicked your ass - K




The portal gun I gave to Kalium so we could travel to different worlds and explore far-off lands with minimal walking. We like to explore, so I thought I'd make our lives easier.

We don't need drugs to hallucinate.


Host name: Svenni

Tulpa name: Kalium


All posts are the host's own thoughts unless signed with '-K'

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Only just started out with it but through no prior planning or design of our own vixen one day just decided she could transform into a super-saiyan complete with all abilities. Interestingly her black wings don't transform in colour when she does jump to super saiyan - but when she goes up to ascended super saiyan her wings then change. We were having a wonderland race and both of us can fly - she was using her wings. Then to get ahead she just went super and sped off ahead only half using her wings then. When I caught up after the race I pointed out the wings thing. She kinda looked at me. Looked at the wings. Back at me. Flash of gold and bam. Super saiyan 2. Then she decided a fight was In order to test her new abilities. The following sparring concluded three things:

1: that she has all the powers from the show to full effect.

2: that I had no idea I could visualise and actively spar at that kind if speed and detail.

3: we had to invent a god mode world reset because of the sheer damage we did to the area in 5 minutes. Ruined the hot spring, broke a mountain, smashed up a forest. Yeah. Oops.

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Hmmm... Well, I saw this thread a while ago. I just felt the need to chuck my favourite thing in. It's not really a weapon or an ability, but rather a suit. It's basically my go-anywhere, do anything kind of suit. It's constructed of kevlar, with an insulative layer for those higher climes that you get when flying on a dragon. A gauntlet and bracer with a built in flight computer (GPS and altimeter). There's a helmet with air-con, lights, and a built in mp3 player, because, why not? The best thing about it is that at the press of a button, webbing unfolds on little zip-like things running up your arms, side, and between you legs to turn it into a flight suit! (flying squirrel costume). It also has a modular system where kevlar plate armour (it's light) and oxygen, parachute etc can be added. Also air-seals can be added to the wrist, ankles and neck. A swim anyone? :D At some point if I run into a lot of money, I swear I will make one of these in real life. I probably could. I doubt anyone would let me jump out of an aircraft with it though. Oh, and don't forget that MP7 with the blue metallic paint job attached via mag-lock. Awesomeness.

Part of the road to becoming a better person lies in defeating the darkness inside yourself, then helping others to do the same.


There is nothing to compare to watching a sunrise with those who you love the most.

"Step by step, moment by moment"



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