Merry F*CKING CHRISTMAS (Or whatever you celebrate)

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^My dad came from Australia. When I asked him what they do during Christmas without snow he responded "We have a picnic." Take your pick: Snow or picnic?

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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Guest Anonymous

Snow is nice in moderation. It gets old really, really fast. Especially when it turns to a dirty, sloshy muck later in the year. Where I live, the snowclouds cover the sky for a good 3 months. There's no sky, just a grey wall. It's... pretty depressing.

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I can see why its sad, I think the longest time I've ever seen the sky grey here would be for about 3-5 days, constant rain, resulting in a nice flood, and as it stands in recorded history its only ever snowed here once, when my mother was a child, I do hope to go snowboarding one day though.

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Best sides of snow;


1) Snow reflects whatever miniscule light exists now up north - somewhat less dark than autumn.

2) Walking on fresh snow creates a therapeutic ASMR-esque sound.

3) I will likely drink less because it's fatal to lose consciousness outside during winter.

4) Cold is more convenient than hot regarding how to dress, and -35c and downwards is almost poetic in the sense how everything stands still and you have to breathe air that feels hostile towards life.


Mhm. Looks a good bit like this.

This however looks like a familiar view which i could count as one of the downsides. In fact, so familiar it's exactly like my town so let's meet up for NON-RECREATIONAL DRUG USAGI.

tell the rapper what i'm gonna do with all this money

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In a sense, I like when it's cold. The snow looks nice as it looks through the window and while sitting in a warm home, without having to go to school/work.


But according to me, the snow and the cold makes more problems and responsibilities.


One has every time when it snows, I must clear the snow out of my backyard and sidewalk near my house. I have to make a fire in the furnace and keep an eye on the temperature (and throw in once in awhile wood and coal).


When I waiting for the bus while it's cold is a fuuu nightmare. Buses then are always late. And the employer doesn't care that it is sometimes a great frost or snow. You must come to the workplace even though you had to ride on the polar bear (In Poland there are no polar bears. The remembrance of polar bears is a joke).


Well, my country has a lot of interesting traditions at Christmas.


Christmas is a very important time in Poland. Traditionally, it is the time when a whole family gets together, celebrates, and rests.


The most important day of Christmas is Christmas Eve which takes place on the 24th of December. On this day families get together to eat a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. The dinner starts when the first star can be seen on the sky. The menu varies from region to region but there are some common elements and dishes all across Poland. Most of Poles are Roman Catholics and religious elements are much present in celebrating Christmas. The table is set with a white tablecloth under which some hay is put to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Customarily Christmas Eve is a day of lent so there is no meat (except for fish) on the table. The dinner starts with a prayer and sharing of holy wafers. Family members wish each other happy Christmas and a lot of joy in the coming year.


All in all, there should be 12 dishes served during the dinner, which stand for 12 apostles. The first course is soup. It is either beetroot soup with mushroom-filled little dumplings, sour rye soup (white borscht), or mushroom soup. Then the dinner continues with pierogi with various fillings and fish (especially carp) that may be fried or served cold in gelatine. Other traditional Christmas Eve dishes are cabbage with peas and kutia, a dessert made of poppy seed, wheatberries and honey. At the table there should be one additional plate for an unexpected guest. After the dinner, people traditionally open their Christmas presents and sing Christmas carols.


I'm an agnostic. My parents are roman catholics. So they celebrate in the traditional way. I hate when they forcing me to pray. I don't enjoy Christmas. Parents always quarreling. Parents feel offended that I am agnostic (and it is that my older sister is an atheist). My dad always insulted me from the devils and other evil spirits. And for that, I don't want to believe in the God should go to exorcist. He thinks that everything is guilty of computer and internet (and that I have asperger's syndrome, social phobia and and returned once in a while depression is the fault of the computer and Interenet? O RLY?! Bullshit!).


The only advantages of the Christmas are just a days off, food and gifts. I don't feel the spirit of Christmas. I hate any family holidays. I hate how my parent behave during holidays.


And in stores have already appeared Christmas decorations.


Brace yourself, Wham's Last Christmas ear rape in stores is coming.


I always spend New Year's Eve and my birthdays with friends. According to me these are the best days of the year.

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My dad is pretty religious and got onto me for visiting "occult" websites, even though they weren't really. He got nervous because the word occult was mentioned. He was reading my private messages over my shoulder.


We almost never get snow here in this part of Texas.

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

Birthdate September 20, 2014.

Sentient October 1, 2014.

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