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Do you and your tulpa(e) prefer the same colors?  

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  1. 1. Do you and your tulpa(e) prefer the same colors?

    • Yes, we have the same favorite color(s).
    • We like similar colors, but our favorites are not the same.
    • No, we like different colors.

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Has anyone else noticed that their and their tulpa’s favorite colors tend to be similar?


I’ve noticed that certain colors are more liked in our system, so I decided today to actually poll everyone on their favorite colors (or just a color they really like, for those who don’t have a definite favorite). The results came out with a tie between blue and red for the most-liked color, with purple and green being tied for the next most popular favorite. Despite the variation there, those colors are all adjacent on the color wheel. My favorite color is purple, with blue being my second favorite; interestingly enough, those two colors fall right in the middle of this range. Other answers included turquoise, which also falls in that range, pink, which sorta does because it’s just light red, as well as black, white, and rainbow, because Kayleigh insisted that was a valid answer and I didn’t think it was worth an argument. Nobody picked yellow or orange as their favorite, two colors that I don’t care for much and are on the opposite side of the color wheel from my favorites.


When it comes to favorite shades of colors, there was a tie between light/pastel (my favorite) and bright colors, with dark colors getting a few votes and muted colors being no one’s favorite.


So, my question to all of you is this: how many of you find that your color preferences are the same as or similar to your tulpa(e)’s color preferences?



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We both have basically the same favorite colors, black, white, and dark blue. I do like very neon light-blues and he liked red, though.

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{Red. It's the color of my enemies' blood.}


Well that wasn't dark at all!

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I like indigo, and my tulpa likes ice blue. Like a glacier. It's the color of his eyes.


It reminds me of something a friend used to say: "I like the smell of air, the taste of water and I like the color clear."

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My personal favorite is purple, Aura's is a mint green, Jason's is crimson, and Lucia's is a pale blue. While none of those are close on a color wheel, it looks like they kind of divide the wheel into fourths. Odd, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Aura thinks it may have something to do with the dynamic between host and tulpa. All three of mine help me balance my emotions, so maybe that means something.

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Mine is blue. Reisen's is violet (which is now my second favorite color), Flan's is, well, scarlet, and Tewi doesn't have a favorite color but associates with pink. Their favorite colors are all heavily associated with them, technically including me since I wear almost nothing but blue.. Huh.

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I tend to attract tulpas that are similar to me, so yes we share favorite colors. Specifically, though she would hate being labeled, Jade and I are both essentially goth, and love black. Raven when she was around liked dark blue most but all dark colors, however she also like white.

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