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Cinemaphobe's Tulpa Journal Concept


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Yes, it's Times New Roman, which does have a very strange default font size on this forum, so I understand why it would end up being wonky when you try to fix it. And the uneven spaces do seem to drive someone else crazy as well, I see. Good to know I'm not the only one.


I'm certain that the font issue can be solved without changing the font, unless this font just ends up being completely impossible to read at smaller sizes. Which it doesn't seem to do considering that this guide does have some even smaller than usual text. So if the writer does end up coming back, we're not going anywhere and we're always willing to help. I just require you to actually care about your submission if you want me to care about it, too.


In the future, yeah, I think the GAT can take it if you call them jerks or something. I don't mind name calling myself at least, but I do want you to give the actual submission your all. If you don't care, then I can't bring myself to care, either.


For the rest of the GAT in case they do decide to rate this despite the author abandoning it, I gave a reason for putting this in Resources rather than Tips and Tricks. I suggest you take a look at that and read it, maybe it would help you to decide where to put it if you agree with my points.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Personally, I think this whole fiasco is ridiculous. Like more ridiculous than tulpae/tulpas. Cinemaphobe could take less than two minutes to change the font, but looking back over the responses it seems like the majority of the GAT who has responded actually approves this as is, so it might not be necessary.


I don't see why the font is even an issue. It's not like he's using font size 6, or font size 60. I've been able to read this on my laptop and on my phone. I use the default themes for both, meaning that the site has a dark gray background on my laptop, and a white background on my phone, and the font size and color hasn't hurt my eyes on either.


I've always liked Cinemaphobe and I'd hate to see him leave our community over something as silly as this.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest amber5885

I agree I have no issues seeing, reading or understanding this submission on my phone or laptop and I also would like to note that this issue regarding guides being overly criticized has been brought to attention numerous times.


I'm not going to beat a dead horse but people don't submit guides very often and when they do, a lot end up leaving the community. I'd say that that's worth looking into and maybe trying to figure out what can be done to resolve that issue.


I like this idea, I think it was straight forward and well written and I have no issues with formatting or font on any platform I use.


If the OP comes back, I'd like it if he didn't leave over this. He has some good insight and I consider him a friend as well.

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Yeah. He's a pretty good guy, but the whole font argument is just plain ridiculous. He couldn't have left for nearly a year because of this, right?








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GAT doesn't just rate the content of a guide. While the presentation is usually rather low on the list and it rarely is a reason to disapprove a guide, sometimes it just makes a guide plain unreadable in which case it would be more than justified. We also have to give feedback on things we might think are issues, as we are trying to all work together to make the guides helpful and easy to read. This includes choices on words or sentences we think don't convey the meaning all too well, or something we get because we know what they're talking about but something that a newcomer would have trouble understanding. And of course, it includes those little things like fonts, colors and sizes as well. These little things can make it or break it. I would be lying if I said that a site that had too big or small text and poor colors didn't just make me hit back as soon as I saw it without even attempting to read it.


It's a very common pet peeve. I see people complain about those things very often on forums that rate other forums and such. It is bad enough to make people want to stop trying to read because it's an eyesore and a bother. I wouldn't have read this if I didn't have to. If I bothered, I could have written a comment like "this text is ridiculously large and I don't want to read it", which easily could have led to this very same situation happening. And the thing is, the text isn't just gigantic. I have to zoom out to read it comfortably - but then the small text in the very same guide becomes to tiny it's very difficult to read! That forces me to zoom in and out constantly, which is a huge bother. You enjoyed the large text on your cellphone, Sushi, because you could read it from far away unlike the normal text on these forums. But what about the tiny text? Didn't it force you to bring it even closer than normal because it's smaller?


That is an issue. It's a bother. It's annoying. These little things can just break it for people, which is why we're here to help the authors to fix these issues so silly little things don't stop others from reading it. Because when it comes to the presentation, the ball is in the author's court - and our job is to help them. We're trying to make these things readable for the majority, not just you or me or the author or his or her friends. Even those outside our community, as guides can be the first things a newcomer reads. Once you start doing unique things, you need to know how much you can get away with without turning others away. You could scream SHUT UP THIS IS MY WAY AND IT'S GOOD, sure. But doesn't stop others from taking one look and turning away, which is a bad thing if you want them to read.



And .info is not a hugbox. We're not trying to be a hugbox and we don't want to be a hugbox. We have been fighting for the ability to say our opinions and honest thoughts, because we enjoy a thing called freedom of speech. It means you will present your ideas and others will possibly rip it apart because they disagree and you have to deal with that. That's life, that's critical thinking. .info isn't here to protect everyone's precious feefees, as then it becomes a hugbox where you're only allowed to compliment everything and everyone.


If a person is so sensitive that they can't handle it, it's probably better for them to leave for their own mental health. If it causes them stress and makes them feel bad, why stay? Why should we force these people to stay if they will just be miserable unless we censor ourselves? That's not what a healthy, sceptical community does. If a person is happier if they leave, then hey, that's a good thing. One day they will have to grow a thicker skin and we're here to help them do so, if they ever decide to come back. Or maybe they will come back once they have grown a thicker skin somewhere else. The internet isn't a hugbox either, even if some sites are hugboxier than others. You will always run into someone who doesn't agree. Maybe these people leave every single site until they can handle it. If it's the only way they think they can cope with it, can't blame them.


Because let's be honest here. The things that have been said here would have been eventually said by someone else, in every single case where someone quits something forever. Someone's going to do it. You can blame one group of people because they're doing it as it's their job, but if said group didn't exist, it would be done by random people. Who would you blame then?


Sometimes, the only thing to blame is thin skin and sensitivity. You can only grow out of it by experiencing the things that you think hurt you. They don't, in reality. It just might take you a while to realize that.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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