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Okay so i am able to go in to my wonderlands with my eyes open in fact even walking but since im going to make a wonderland nicknamed "funbox " and im basically going to make it have alot of gmod aspects because i understand those aspects and have applied them before in my testing wonderland ( now keep in mind ive known about this subject and similar ones for almost a year i havent started making a tulpa until now but ive done neat things in wonderlands i even hsve put swords in my hands outside of my wonderland ) but basically im asking what should i do for fun something like pilot the uss enterprise or improv as a funny dysfunctional family

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Throw people out of airlocks? Try and land a plane? You get hunted down by characters from your favorite book/movie/game? The possibilities are endless...

Part of the road to becoming a better person lies in defeating the darkness inside yourself, then helping others to do the same.


There is nothing to compare to watching a sunrise with those who you love the most.

"Step by step, moment by moment"



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