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Anyone Willing to be Interviewed By Email?

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Hello! Newbie here, and hoping I'm allowed to post this kind of request.

I'm working on a project for school about Tulpas. I was hoping there might be a few people here who would be willing to be interviewed via email for my project. I would be asking a few general questions, but also personal questions about you and your Tulpa/s. I will not reveal any identifying information in the final project, and if you have any concerns about it, I'd be happy to explain further by private message or email.


If anyone is willing to help out, reply here, or shoot me a PM. Thanks! :)

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I'd live to help you out. I think I have enough expeience to give you the information, either from my own experience or from what I know of that of others, that you need. If my email isn't on my profile page, shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to communicate with you.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

Tulpas: Quilten, Jira


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I'll help, too, if you'd like. Message me when you wanna get started. I would need to know when the project is due 'cause I'm currently in the earlier stages of development with all of the Tulpa I'd be able to help with. If it's too soon, I'll still have plenty to offer...

Just lemme know :)

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It sounds pretty interesting so id be up for it.

Just your basic guy.

Sanae birthed into my odd head 10/14/2014

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Thanks for all the replies! I will be sending all of you PM's shortly once I get all of my info together. I'm looking to get as many different viewpoints as possible, and all stages of development/experience are welcome. The deadline for getting interview questions compiled is mid January, so there's still a bit of time.

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