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Tulpas who dislike you?

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Can a tulpa dislike their host? Not necessarily hate them, just dislike them, like if they had incompatible personality traits. This has been on my mind for awhile and it's been eating away at me.

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No that won't happen, your tulpa will generally accept the way you are because only they can now how you truly feel. Tulpas can get mad over certain thing you do/ say to them but they won't have any reason to dislike you if you treat them the way you want to be treated.

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Never believe creepypastas in first place.

In reality, such outcome won't happen, I think, if you did not plan it. But why is this treat of tulpa disliking her host in so many creepies?..

And may the fears keep away from you.

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Guest amber5885

I've never seen it reported (in a way that was....believable) before. I guess for the sake of argument it COULD happen but since you are creating your tulpa then I imagine that it would be because that's what you wanted but as for as is it likely, no not really.


Toby: it is possible just as its possible to dislike a friend or family member but in the case of tulpas and hosts its generally caused by something such as having a fight or diassagreement. It's nothing that can't usually be solved by talkin things over together.


As far as a tulpa hating you from the start, I wouldn't go blaming that on the tulpa so much as what your ideas regarding not only tulpas but yourself were before creation was attempted.


In all seriousness though if you subconsciously hated yourself or consciously even I wouldn't worry about that making your buddy hate you, odds are good they would actively try to change your opinion of yourself or bring your subconcious feelings to the surface so that they could be fixed.

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Don't worry about it.

A tulpa will not become "bad" or "hateful" unless you make it so.

If you believe it might, or fear it might, it's a good possibility.

To say that they will not become a certain way unless you make them that way denies the free will that defines a tulpa. Yes, it it possible for a tulpa to decide they hate their host, but it practically never happens unless the host abuses them a lot.


There is no such thing as incompatible personality traits; just "negative" personality traits, but I wouldn't think that you would forcefully add all negative traits unless you wanted something like this to happen. It won't harm them, but it'll probably steer them the way you want them to; in the direction you forced their personality traits to go.

They would most likely deviate anyways.

I assume he means traits that are incompatible with the host's. Like, if one loves watching football and the other can't stand it, or if one is noisy and the other needs quiet time. This usually doesn't happen since what forms will usually be compatible with what's already there. But when it does happen, compromises can be worked out, like with any two people who are stuck living with each other. There can be some dislike at the start, but you eventually come to an understanding -- and it's a lot easier and quicker to come to an understanding when you can both feel what the other does and why.


I have met some tulpas on the chat who have abrasive personalities and are hard to get along with. But somehow they get along with their hosts even if it's a little rough at first.

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I think so, yes. This opinion is influenced sort of by Jungian psychology, a model of people's psyches that suggest that the unity of the Self is a happy illusion that keeps people and societies functioning. But if you've ever struggled between what you want to do and what you know you should not do, if you've ever been in conflict between being honest and being kind, or defending a personal boundary while also fulfilling a personal need, or some other conflict between yourself and yourself that I haven't mentioned such as internalizing shame or guilt for something that you think was your right or even objectively morally right to do...then, there's a possibility (not an inevitability) that your tulpa is just not going to like some aspect of you.


If your conscious and subconscious are both completely loving and accepting of the whole of yourself being essentially as psychologically healthy as a pro athlete is physically fit, then it would be impossible for your tulpa and yourself to not get along.

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Naomi has pretty much always felt disdain for me, and it only became greater after she decided to become a man-hating lesbian. However, I've worked hard to earn her trust, so we manage to have friendly interactions despite all of that. I guess what I'm trying to say is even if a tulpa dislikes you, you can still change that if you try to be their friend.

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Kaga and Company

Pinky and Ex kind of always make fun of me. But that's sort of just our relationship. We kind of poke fun at and make snarky remarks to each other all the time and that's how we show that we're... close? I dunno, we're kind of weird. XD

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