I need someone to art for me.

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greetings fellow tupp peeps. I need an art person to art for me, as i cannot art. Trust me, i'v tried. So if you're an artist that draws human guys and would be awesome enough to draw Skyler for me you would earn a lifetime supply of free hugs. I wroght up a description for ya'll. Enjoy!


alrighty lets get this started.

he looks about 14-15



He's around 5'8. he's pretty slim, and has a little muscle.


he has a roundish face shape i guess, not like pudgy just roundish. his eyes are bright grey/white, his hair is short straight dark brown, we can't come up with a haircut so you decide. glasses are optional.


for clothes, he has on a greyish orange (hah dirty orange) T-shirt with no markings, normal jeans, and no shoes (if you can't draw feet then ankle high light blue converse will work too)


extra... well he is currently debating weather or not he wants to have wings and a tail. the wings can be dragon or angel so whichever is easiest for you. the're black. the tail is long and thin and black with a tuft of fur on the end. wings and tail are optional as i said before he can't decide.


If you need any additional information please ask. I really appreciate it!

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I can't art either. So I'm going to teach you the secrets of creating awesome pictures when you can't art:


First, collect all the photos you can of people who look like Skyler, even down to particular features. Like if one guy has the right nose, and another guy has the right eyes, get both of their pictures. It doesn't matter if they're wrong in every other way.


Personally, I always use Shutterstock to look for pictures, because when you find a model who looks right, Shutterstock will allow you to look at other pictures of that model.


Secret #1:


If you find lots of pictures of guys who are pretty close overall, you can do this to combine them until you get one picture that's pretty good. You'll probably need at least sixteen good pictures to do this, but the results are worth it, in my humble opinion.


Secret #2:


Truth is, anyone can draw awesome pictures. Start with one of those photographs that looks a lot like Skyler. Go to, and print out a sheet of 1/2" Cartesian. You can use smaller squares later on, but you should do your first one with the big squares. Then open the photo in MS Paint (I use Linux as my OS, but I still keep Windows for MS Paint, because I can't find a Linux app that works as well), make it greyscale, make the color white transparent, and paste the graph paper over top of the photo. You can either print this picture too, or just keep the picture on the screen while you do the next part.


Now follow this guide. It doesn't matter if you suck at drawing, this will still look awesome when you're done. And you can do it while watching TV, or listening to music, or whatever. I did it while listening to an audio book from


When you get good at this, you can even use it to combine different photos, so you can put one guy's face on another guy's body or whatever.


Anyway, those are my secrets of creating awesome pictures when you can't art. I hope you give them a try. There is nothing that helps you visualize a tulpa better than arting him yourself.

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I could give it a try too. I'm practicing with realistic style, and I could try drawing Skyler in the same style I did Edwin in my art thread. I would like to know more about his personality, though. It would help me with the pose and facial expression. :3

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