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A Few Questions

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Hi, I've been a lurker on here for a while and I have finally decided to make an account. I have become extremely interested in making a tulpa, but before I begin I have a few questions.


Let's get right into it;


1. Can your tulpa have powers? Say I had a tulpa but they were very big, could I give them a power to shrink? Or maybe, I have a a bird tulpa, can I give it a magic power like fire breath? If so, how?

2. Can you get rid of your tulpa, if so, how?

3. Will the tulpa always be following you around, or can you tell them to stay at home or something like that?

4. Say I have a tulpa and it gets a deviation that I don't particularly like, is there a way to get rid of it? I would accept any deviation with open arms, this is just out of curiosity.

5. Finally, and I know this may sound stupid, but can you teach your tulpa different languages or have them recall past events that you forget (like the answer on a test from a study guide you studied nights before but forgot, could you ask them what the answer was and would they remember?)


Those are all the basic questions I have right now, I would really appreciate some answers!

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1. Yes, you can give them whatever power you want them to have. You also don't have to do anything to give them the power unless you want to, but you'd probably have to work on visualizing the power in the same way you visualized your tulpa.

2. You can get rid of a tulpa by ignoring it, but it won't be completely gone. It'll be in a sort of stasis as long as you remember it existed. For tulpas that you can't remember at all though, they're gone.

3. A tulpa lives in your head, so they'll always be with you in some sort of way. Once you finish imposition, both of you could decide when you want them to follow you around or go back to the wonderland.

4. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to change it back. Maybe you could keep the form it had before deviation and make it so that your tulpa has multiple appearances.

5. Tulpas know everything that you know, so if you learn something they'll know the same thing that you do. I'm still not 100% sure how much a tulpa can recover in memories. The method that I used for my tulpa to view my memories was a collection of video tapes, and my memories seem to appear at random. Certain memories seem to stay better than others. I can remember things that happened when I was four years old yet I can't remember what happened two weeks ago.

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1. Whatever you can imagine. Only limitation is your creativity. Some even make their tulpas polymorph, though I must warn that it requires awful lot of concentration.

2. Question of your beliefs. Some say, you must specially "unforce" it. Some say, you should just forget about it. Some think it's impossible. Choose your side, or make your own.

3. Almost everybody says that you can make it stay somewhere. Thing is that mostly they send it to wonderland. I don't know if you should experiment with it. You never know, what lurks around the corner, to leave it in "physical" place.

4. *akhem* If this happens, you should be able to undo it. Just one note - maybe, you should try to ask your tulpa, does she/he/it want it, before?

5. As I know, your tulpa knows everything you do, if you didn't specify this part to be different. Most people don't. So you don't have to teach it different languages. Recalling events from memory? Some can do it, right. But I, personally, wouldn't like to mess with it.

And may the fears keep away from you.

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Kaga and Company

1. Yup, anything you can imagine. Kael actually has every example you listed, interestingly enough. He has the power to grow and shrink to any size he likes and, as a dragon, he can also breathe fire. Soo... yeah, anything you want. You just have to visualize it, like any other aspect of your tulpa.


2. Ignoring a tulpa would cause them to dissipate, though it's a difficult thing to do and can't exactly be done overnight. Also, it's worth noting that, should you try this, you're basically killing them, so it's not really something to take lightly. I know Pinky gets kind of upset any time someone talks about trying to get rid of a tulpa because it kind of seems like murder. :/


3. You really can't leave a tulpa at home, because they're in your mind so they'll always be with you. Closest I've ever gotten to what you're describing is if I, say, briefly go from one room to another, and tell my tulpa to stay in the first room because I'll be right back (that way I don't feel like they're constantly glued to me like video game characters). Even then, though, I've really never been able to put any "distance" between us of more than a room or so. If I tried putting us any further apart, I'd probably just fail to visualize them and they'd turn up in my wonderland.


4. Having not been opposed to any of my tulpas' deviations, I'm really not sure. Maybe it depends on the tulpa?


5. I think most people would agree that tulpas can't really know anything more than you know, as they're sort of limited by your own mind. However, I do feel like they can be helpful for remembering things, as I have had my tulpas remind me of things that I've forgotten on my own. Of course, never before have they helped me remember big things, like memories of what happened when I was four years old, just small things, like when I can't remember a specific detail of something that happened a short while back and they manage to remind me. So, I feel like tulpas do have some access to memories that are hard for us to reach, but I don't think it's very strong - at least not for most tulpas. Being able to dig up old memories on command would probably take quite a bit of practice and training. As for knowing things that you couldn't have ever known in the first place? I don't think that's possible.

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