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Let's share some music!


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It's just delightful

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Oh good, yum. This thread is super welcome. We've been in one heck of a mood since Viper's creation. Normally I find a song I like and listen to it on repeat for decades before moving on lol. But Viper doesn't like listening to songs on repeat for too long so I guess we don't do that anymore.


Our favourite songs right now are


And Viper's most favourite

~ We are Venny, the host, and Viper, my soul! ~

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Guest LanceReilyn

I had this song recommended to me by a friend. The longer I listen to it the more I get out of it. Lyrics in first comment.


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Thought i should include myself in something! Here's some of the stuff i've been listening to lately. (Sorry if any of these songs are already listed!)

There's nightcore, daycore, remixes, i think some game music and just idk other music? xD











Not too active and the others don't talk very much to strangers.

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