Let's share some music!

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Oh good, yum. This thread is super welcome. We've been in one heck of a mood since Viper's creation. Normally I find a song I like and listen to it on repeat for decades before moving on lol. But Viper doesn't like listening to songs on repeat for too long so I guess we don't do that anymore.


Our favourite songs right now are


And Viper's most favourite

~ We are Venny, the host, and Viper, my soul! ~

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This one is 13 minutes, so make sure you have some time on your hands (or just listen to the first part)


As you can see these are all songs from video games, but don't judge, they are quite good

Hi I am Miela, the counterpart to Breloomancer.



"Is it pretentious to quote yourself?"



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Thought i should include myself in something! Here's some of the stuff i've been listening to lately. (Sorry if any of these songs are already listed!)

There's nightcore, daycore, remixes, i think some game music and just idk other music? xD

Not too active and the others don't talk very much to strangers.

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Hi! I'm Matsuri from Unicorn Cavalry, but friends call me Matsi. I share this head with Xar, who is the original host, and Kurisutina. I like timey wimey stuff and blue boxes. Make it timey wimey blue boxes and we're set to explore all time, forum and space!


>Come talk, ask or just casually vibe with us

>Season 2 Progress Report


"Does anyone know this song? It goes: ue ue ue, heeeeee, Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka x3"

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