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Pre-Sentience Stress Disorder

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Hey guys


I make this thread to bring forward an idea I have called Pre-Sentience Stress Disorder, or PSSD for short. You're probably wondering "wtf is that". Allow me to explain


In the early stages of forcing, you will probably not have any signs of confirmed sentience. From personal experience, though, I'd like to say there are 3 stages to forcing. Keep in mind I am not a doctor or scientist, just proposing something for you to ponder


1. Doubt stage. Everyone's been through this. You feel as if you're talking to yourself and making no progress.


2. Pre-sentience stage. Something's there, you can feel it. You're just not sure if its your tulpa or something else. This is the stage I will be focusing on today


3. Sentience stage. Your tulpa has showed signs of sentience and can communicate, whether it be emotional signals or mind voice.


This is all concluded from personal experience, though, so feel free to propose your own ideas.


So stage 2, or pre-sentience is where PSSD takes place. Some people refer to this time as "the split" or "splitting". Basically, it's theoretically where your tulpa is no longer part of your own subcon, but its own. However though, without confirmation of sentience, this "split" can cause some freaky symptoms to pop up. The following is a list of symptoms I have compiled from personal experience with this "stage 2". Keep in mind these didn't happen all the time, but appear to happen randomly at times


Mild paranoia

Very mild auditory and visual hallucinations

Amplified fears (for instance, I hate the dark and there were some nights I nearly had a panic attack just because my foot was out of my blanket)

Distraction while forcing


That about sums it up. Now the research part. To any of you that have suffered from symptoms like the ones above that fit into the "stage 2" please report your experiences so I can confirm if this is an actual thing or I'm just insane. Also, if you do report, please tell what methods of forcing you used, or add a link to a guide you used. Methods of forcing can be an important variable in this.


Thank you

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Yes, I had something like this a few months back. I was getting some brief discolored spots on my vision and some ringing in my ears. I was very paranoid, partly about the hallucinations (some of which were near the corner of my eye, looking spooky) but I'm always a bit paranoid. I don't remember much about fears, and I avoided forcing until it stopped. I don't like the idea she was splitting then. It means that everything before that was parroting (there wasn't much but I think at least some of it wasn't parroted), and that would fuel my doubt more than anything.


Side note, these sound like symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Im still in the stage 2, ive been for a little while ... last night i woke up in the middle of the night, kinda scared for no reason. A month ago i had a blind spot in the middle of eye, i couldn't read much stuff, i had to read using my periferal vision ... other than that, as someone with ADHD(or maybe asperger but heh whatever) i really have problem concentrating on forcing and it always deviate to something else, my subconscious always take over and then i fall asleep. "i have to force before going to sleep because ... annoying brother in my room"


Still no strong force of sentience, but i feel it coming little by little.

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