What should the name be?

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Guest An0n

Tulpamancers Guild (me likes game references)


And if you want something more serious it's going to be tough. Most people are going to make fun of you anyway.

Last time I checked, most tulpas were based on anime/cartoon characters. Maybe you should try something that would appeal to people who watch them? No ideas yet though, sorry.

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I think we can just call the site "," Tulpatalk makes a good point with the search engines.

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Guest Albatross_

"Deus Ex: Invisable Friend"


>make it so

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As a url I think is really effective because, when I first saw it on /x/, I pretty much thought, "Oh...that makes sense. I should have probably figured that url would lead to something exactly like this. Why did it even need to be pointed out to me?"


I'm of a (potentially unpopular?) opinion that it's tacky to throw .com onto sites that aren't actually commercial in nature and it usually makes me think the site is either trying to create a false sense of legitimacy or running some kind of scam, so the .info domain is great if we can't lock up .edu. I don't know if you have to actually be an educational organization of some sort to have a .edu. The fact that I can't remember any non-school ever having that domain leads me to believe that might be the case.


As a name of the community, "Tulpa Info" doesn't sound like broken English to me, but something like "Tulpa Hub" could work if you're trying to advertise the community aspect of the site in its name.

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