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Co-fronting and safety


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So Nat and I just co-fronted a little bit ago. It was really fun for a while. We intermittently controlled the body so I'd just kind of go loose and Nat would do the same... but then we sat down and something strange began happening. I suddenly didn't know who I was and felt like I was Nat at one point "uh oh". So I guess this is what's called eclipsing? We're not completely separate still. I know who I am, Nat knows who she is, but I still feel like we're both controlling the body and it feels like Nat hasn't gone completely to the back. We're not sure what to do exactly.


So in the future, what should you do to safely prepare to co-front?




Edit: we're alright now. I think there should be a guide or something on this highlighting this potential danger.

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We went through a stage where eclipsing was kind of messy in part because i was enthusiastic to sit up and take part. Once it sort of clicked for me, i started to fall in very quickly. It confused my host/dad too for a bit.


He helped by trying to pull back a bit to let me try switching (but i was very ambitious to try). It also helps to sit and talk about a new set of rules for timesharing control of things. Start by being polite and letting the other person finish what they're doing even if your brain is jumping ahead to new things.


If you're able to get that confused, you're pretty much at the edge of full switching you know, but you'll work out the crinkles as long as you treat each other nicely and respect each other's needs.

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We respect eachother quite nicely. Once we were finished with this whole thing, I had this feeling like I could change to back really easily and Nat could also suddenly front really easily. So I think you're right there. Anyway, we figured it out, we're our own selves, we're happy

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Sounds like what the multiple community calls blending or blurring (this is part of eclipsing) and is a very common experience. It is almost never dangerous, but it can be disorienting or cause identity confusion.

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