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Hostile? ._. Oh well, never meant it to seem like that. Just thought it's a possibility and you got me curious about the name as well. Should've added a question mark I suppose, haha :D Anyways, sorry.

ClianthaMiura - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system

Desmond - 21st April 2014

L - 5th May 2014

Nevira - 14th December 2014

Misa - 5th December 2015

Roska - 22nd July 2019

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Passive may be worth a try, but if it doesn't seem to be working, go back to learning to active force effectively. Some people get great results from just keeping their tulpa in mind and narrating to them all day. Others really need meditative active forcing to get anywhere.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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