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As GAT handles the guide stuff, I figured this is the best place to put this topic. But discussion is open for every single member of the forums, if you have ideas then please do submit them!


Right, so we have that list of guides that hasn't been updated in a while and is out of date. While it could always just be updated, I feel like it might need a different layout. We need a place where all the guides can be looked at at the same time, and a list like this is the best way to do it.


For one, this list doesn't separate approved and disapproved submissions. Because the GAT commentary tends to either be on the last page/be the last few replies of a thread (or something buried by new comments), it could easily be missed if the list is used and a person doesn't understand the system or doesn't check the board something is on. It's also pretty rare for people to read the entire thread instead of just the guide, so people could easily go after something others have thought to be "poor" and hinder their progress. I think the groups should be separated in the list so that it's obvious with a short explanation on the top about what it means and such. We're not stopping anyone from using the disapproved stuff, but we should be encouraging them to read the comments as to why it was so.


I would also like to have a section for guides that are pure symbolism and often disapproved because they are too personal, but as it can be useful, having them listed somewhere would help people find them and try them if they're into it. A section for non-English guides would be nice too, we currently have just one I believe, but as we can't rate those due to language barriers, having them listed separately would be a good idea.


But that starts to be where my ideas run out. We'd need other ways to group them, too. Should they first of all be grouped into guides/tips/resources like we do it on the forums? They probably should also be grouped based on what they are about, like visualization stuff should be on its own so people looking for that will easily find all the stuff posted about it. Should we use the tags the forum uses or? Should items on the list be listed in multiple sections if they are about more than one or should they go under whatever main tag with the other tags listed for clarity?


There was also talk of some kind of comment/summary to go with the entries, but that might be a bit outside our power and might not be what we should do anyway. We're not here to sell guides or demonize guides, after all. I guess if people want to suggest guides, they might want to make a thread about that somewhere else.


Also, the current outdated list has an entry that is not submitted on the forums and is not original content, the five big personality traits image. What should we do about that?


Do you have ideas? What's your vision? Help is much appreciated.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I personally think it would be good if guides could be sectioned into what they are about eg visualization, so if someone has an issue in an area they can go to the area for that thing.


I wouldn't like the idea of commentaries on individual guides as people really do do things differently and different things work for different people.


A different section for any non English guides is a good idea.

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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I'd say organize them by tag first, then the way the forum does. As tania says, if someone is looking for Visualization they shouldn't have to dig through all of the guides of three different categories to find it. I think it would be easier if someone could look at the Visualization section and find Guides, Tips, Resources, and Articles as sub-groups of that.


As for comments/summaries, I think the only good way to handle that would be if readers could submit them -- either in a review system like Amazon.com, or just if the whole guide list were a wiki page. If neither of those is possible, I think it's better to go without comments.


And about that personality trait image, maybe we should add another group somewhere for external resources. Not sure how much that would be needed. I doubt we'll have external resources for imposition, for example.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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  • 11 months later...

Here faggots I waited a year to post this on this glorious day so you can all have some extra work because I hate you, bakas. Even though most of it was done already.


Check if you agree with the things put under Vocality, because those things aren't tagged right and maybe I put them in the wrong place wow??


Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1 This is still under review.


Now for the edited list:





A list of the various guides, tips, resources and articles submitted to tulpa.info, arranged by their topic. Whether an entry is approved or disapproved depends on tulpa.info's Guide Approval Team (GAT), which does its best to try to make sure all guides are up to standards and easy to understand – but this does not mean a disapproved guide might not help you. Symbolism and Non-English are two new additions, which the team cannot properly review due to their subjective nature that might not work for anyone other than the author or just plain not knowing the language. Because of this, they might be worth your time, though not all are up to the standards of the rest of the approved guides. An entry marked to be in submission limbo has not been properly approved or disapproved, due to its author disappearing before proper edits have been made, which might be rather small.


Not all guides will be found where the author has tagged them, especially in the case of disapproved guides, which often aren't edited to reflect if another tag would suit something better. In case you believe something has been mis-tagged in this guide, go ahead and make a note.





Guides and tips that are overviews of the entire process, not dedicating itself to just one area



42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa [Tips and Tricks]

A Tulpa Checklist [Resources]

Cinemaphobe's Tulpa Journal Concept [Tips and Tricks]

Daniel's Starter Guide to Creating a Tulpa [Guide]

Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide [Guide]

JD's Tulpa Method [Guide]

Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide to Tulpas [Guide] (Also in French, Italian and Russian)

Methos's Tulpa Creation Guide [Guide]

NoneFromHell's Three task tulpa revitalization exercise [Guide]

Report on Tulpamancing Advice from the Survey for fluently speaking tulpa [Tips and Tricks]

The child philosophy [Tips and Tricks]

ThunderClap's Guide on Tulpa Creation [Guide]

Teryakywind's "Tulpas for Dummies" General Creation Guide [Guide]

Tulpa Handbook [Resources]

Tulpamancy tips from a tulpa [Tips and Tricks]



24-Hour Guide to Tulpamancy [Guide] [submission Limbo]

How to make a vocal tulpa by developing the skills and mindsets of the host. [Guide] [submission Limbo]

Jabre's Tulpa Creation Guide [Guide]

Jimmy's Pony Creation Thread. Because you were too unoriginal to make your own [Tips and Tricks]

Lunanite's Compendium of Guides [Guide]

Metaphysical tulpa guide [Guide] [Meta warning]

New Guide - Thoughts and drafting [Guide] (Text version)

NLD's Hands-On Tulpa Creation Guide v1.7 [Guide]

Tulpanomicon (First page link dead, check the last page for a reupload)

Understanding your Tulpa: A healthy Relationship [Tips and Tricks] [submission Limbo]

Want a tulpa who is really smart from the start? Follow my method [Tips and Tricks]




For those who wish to create a personality for their tulpa, look no further



JD's Guide to Personality Forcing [Guide]

My personality tables [Resources] (First link is dead, but you can find any large list of personality traits online)

Planting a Tulpa Seed and How to Listen to It [Guide]



Jimmy's late night guide to choosing the right tulpa base. [Tips and Tricks]




Getting your tulpa to the point where they seem to act and think on their own, or help getting past the points where you are unsure or worried



Counting Games [Tips and Tricks]

Possible Method For Faster Sentience [Tips and Tricks]

Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide [Tips and Tricks]

Telling when you have a tulpa [Tips and Tricks]

Tips for those who are getting "parrotnoid". [Tips and Tricks]

Tulpa Journey Guide [Tips and Tricks]



Parroting and puppeting concerns solved [Tips and Tricks]

When To Parrot Your Tulpa [Tips and Tricks]




Tips on how you might be able to hear your tulpa's voice



Coaxing Tulpae Into Talking [Guide]

Quantum's Nametag method [Tips and Tricks]

Schlondark's Psychic Tulpa Voice Guide [Guide]

Simple trick which helped me at least with tulpa's voice. [Tips and Tricks]


Tips for Hearing Your Tulpa [Tips and Tricks]



How to talk to your tulpa in less time [Guide]

Pruria talks talking to tulpae: Deaf hosts [Guide]

Rationalistic Guide to Vocality [Guide]

Really simple Trick for better hearing your Tulpa [Tips and Tricks] [submission Limbo]




Stuck when actually trying to create your tulpa? These might help



Candellaith's tubes [anti-puppeting guide] [Tips and Tricks]

Common pitfalls and traps when making a tulpa. [Tips and Tricks]

GameForcing [Tips and Tricks]

Generally helpful forcing technique (but mostly for Visualization and Imposition) [Tips and Tricks]

Great and fun Visualization methods for daydreamers [Tips and Tricks]

Helixileh As A Forcing Method [Tips and Tricks]

Helping your tulpa become more independent with flashcards [Tips and Tricks]

Ideas for looking after multiple tulpa [Tips and Tricks]

Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs [Resources]

LucidAcid's meditative tulpaforcing guide for more productive forcing and stuff [Guide]

Mala beads! [Tips and Tricks]

Mindscape Overlay method for getting an overall better feel for your tulpa [Guide]

Parroting Syndrome [Tips and Tricks]

PsiQss' thought's relocation as a general forcing booster [Tips and Tricks]

Sensory Sharing Explained [Tips and Tricks]

Super Awesome Tulpa Game Guide [Resources]

Zero's Narration & Mindvoice Tips & Tricks Handbook [Tips and Tricks]



Octaviapus' Guide to Lucid Mode [Guide]

Overclock Forcing Method [Tips and Tricks]

Prompts [Tips and Tricks]



Focus & Concentration

Guides on how to focus properly in the creation process, for those who are having difficulties



Centering and Tulpae [Guide]

Couguhl's Guide to Tulpa Association for Regaining Focus [Tips and Tricks]

FOCUS AIDS [Tips and Tricks]

How To Sustain Concentration While Forcing [Tips and Tricks]

Meditation [Resources]

Removing Doubts and General Meditation Technique [Tips and Tricks]

Stress relief for forcing [Tips and Tricks]

Tulpaforcing and Meditation [Resources]



Medication for Dissociation [Tips and Tricks] [submission Limbo]




Narration touches on how to talk to and with your tulpa, with some tips as to what you might talk about if you have run out of ideas



A Bit of a Narration Guide [Guide]

Schlondark on Narration [Guide]

Tips that may Help Bolster Sentience [Tips and Tricks]

Zero's Narration & Mindvoice Tips & Tricks Handbook [Tips and Tricks]




Help in how to improve the mind's eye



Amazing clarity visualization! [Tips and Tricks]

Basic Method On Practicing Visualization [Guide]

Blindfold Trick [Tips and Tricks]

Can't see a dang thing? [Guide]

Cozmo's Guide on Creating and Building a Tulpa's Body [Guide]

Digital Screen Visualization [Guide]

Image Streaming [Guide]

JD's Guide to Visualization [Guide]

kakeli's Guide To Better Visualization [Tips and Tricks]

Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide [Guide]

Meditation Exercise [Tips and Tricks]

Mental image Rendering guide [Guide]

Pikuseru's Mind's Eye Trick [Tips and Tricks]

Spice's host's guide to training the minds eye [Tips and Tricks]

Teryakywind's Guide to Making the Imagined Real [Tips and Tricks]

The "Self I Spy" Game [Tips and Tricks]

Tulpa Anatomy [Resources]

Visualization Focus Guide [Guide]

visualizing a composite tulpa [Tips and Tricks]



Maxyp's Tips and Tricks [Tips and Tricks] (Also an imposition guide)

Tip for Those Stuggling to Visualize [Tips and Tricks]




Learning to sense and hallucinate your tulpa in the real world



Guide to imposition/controlled hallucination (touch) [Guide]

Holding your tulpa's hand [Tips and Tricks]

Implanting Guide [Guide]

Imposition via photos [Tips and Tricks]

JD's Guide to Visual Imposition (image heavy) [Guide]

Mind Synthesis Guide [Guide]

NED's lead impostion guide [Guide]

Open eye visualization idea [Tips and Tricks]

Pepper's Ghost [Resources]

q2's method for a huggable tulpa [Guide]



A Starting Imposition Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Flash Imposition [Tips and Tricks]

glitchthe3rd's imposition guide [Tips and Tricks]

How to see your tulpa and distortions [Guide]

Meditation aids [Tips and Tricks]

Projection: Tulpa-controlled Imposition [Guide] [submission Limbo]

Tetris Effect as Visual Imposition Method [Tips and Tricks]

Tulpa imposition guide [Guide] (First page link dead, check the last page for a reupload)

Visual Imposition Trick [Tips and Tricks]




Aiding the tulpa and host to let the tulpa to take control of the body



Possession by Yuki [Guide]

The muscle memory [Tips and Tricks]




Taking possession one step further and allowing the host to completely detach themselves from the body's physical senses and fully immerse themselves in their imagination



Guide on how to switch. [Guide]



So you wanna switch? Do you, really? Might be able to help that. [Guide]




Tips that mostly deals with creating or controlling your imaginary mindscape



Sophie's Wonderland Tips [Tips and Tricks]

The 'Do Not Disturb' technique- How to tell when your tulpa is awake! [Tips and Tricks]

When Things Go Wrong in Your Imagination and How to Fix Them So They Don't [Tips and Tricks]

Wonderland Creation Via Daydreaming [Tips and Tricks]




Miscellaneous guides and tips that don't fit anywhere else



Aarix Independence Guide [Guide]

A guide on Lucid Dreaming and Tulpas (v1.1) [Guide]

JD's Guide to Telling People About Your Tulpa [Resources]

Linkzelda's Motivational Tulpa Guide [Guide]

Magical thinking, 2-step tulpa creation & other stuff experimental guide [Tips and Tricks]

Separation exercise [Tips and Tricks]

Servitor Creation Guide [Guide]

Thunder's Guide to Alleviating Doubt [Tips and Tricks]

Tulpabracelets [Tips and Tricks]



Aarix last method to belief and and tulpaforcing. [Tips and Tricks]

A collection of tips and tricks about tulpas and tulpamancy in general. [Tips and Tricks]

Pre-Vocalization Communication Through Possession [Resources] (Java program doesn't work as is?)

Tulpa Development Kit [Resources]




Anything heavy with symbolism that makes it difficult for many to follow due to not having identical belief systems


Aura's guide for tulpae starting tulpae [Guide]

Channeling away your worries in the void [Tips and Tricks]

Finding Lost or Runaway Tulpae in a Cluttered Mind [Tips and Tricks]

glitchthe3rd's Servitor Workshop [Guide]

Guide to Tulpa Control [Guide, Possession and Switching as that's not apparent from the title]

Mutual Possession. [Tips and Tricks]

Parallel Processing and Personality Switching [Guide]

"Ravagestar's Sphere" How to drive off intrusive thoughts. [Tips and Tricks]

SKoP's Proxying guide for the Tulpa and host [Tips and Tricks]

Transparent linking [Tips and Tricks]

Upgrade your Tulpa - improvements to their existance [Tips and Tricks]

Zestamasters personality method [Guide]




Any guide that doesn't have an English version goes here, as they cannot be reviewed by GAT


Gymnasium student training - a guide in Russian (Russian)




Not guides, but might prove to be useful for those who would like to know more about what someone else thinks or has found out about the tulpa phenomenon


A Testimony From a Skeptic

Amadeus' Exodus: A Tale of Tulpa

Doubting Sentience due to Time

Healthy multiplicity and Tulpæ

Plurality - A Scientific and Philosophical Overview

The Abilities of a Tulpa

The Differences Between Us and Tulpae

Tulpae and Humanity

Tulpae and Possession of Host

Tulpas in Paranormal Underground magazine

Walking in Wonderland




Graveyard of guides that no longer exist or are redundant in some way or form, here for posterity's sake


A guide compilation. (Unnecessary)

(BAD THREAD) Simply imagine what a vivid, detailed visualization would look like. (Technically nothing ever was in the post itself, but it has been edited further)

Chevreul's Pendulum Concentration Exercise (Gone)

Detailed Creation Guide [Guide] (Author has made another guide on the same subject that has been deemed better)

Echo Parroting - Teaching Your Tulpa How To Use Their Own Mindvoice (Part of another guide written by the author)

Ganzfeld Voice Imposition (Professional Guide 2.0) (Gone)

Great Big List of Guides (WIP) (Unnecessary)

Guide for New Members (Guide about forums)

Jean-luc's super-simple guide to a talking tulpa (No personality required!) (Gone and edited)

Linkzelda's Self-Hypnosis Tulpa Guide (Unrated, WIP according to author)

My Meditation habits (Gone)

Oguigi & Koomer Possession Starter Guide (Gone)

The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation (Satire)

Tulpa and Lucid Dreaming: Clearing Misconceptions on Who's Really More Delusional (Gone)

Tulpa Visualization Guide (Has been merged with another guide)

Tulpa.info Forums; How to Use Them (Guide about forums)

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Just putting this out there, if you're viewing the page on your computer (or desktop version on a mobile device), you can click the category tag of a guide and it will filter to show only guides of that type. For example you want a narration guide, click the "narration" tag in front of one and that's all you'll see.


Directories are always nice so I like to see them, but I remember needing to have this feature pointed pit to me, so I thought I'd pass along what I learned. ^^;

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Arthur Conan Doyle


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Yes, we know.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Wow Sands, thanks for compiling this list for others to use! It should prove helpful to new members in the future if there's a way to make it more visible.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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