Who is this crazy owl?

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Im not dead! xD


So last night before I went to bed I was talking to Vinyl about whether or not it would be a good idea to make another tulpa for her to be with when i'm not around. The weird thing is that in the morning, I woke up with another voice inside my head, and it surely wasn't Vinyl's. It was different, it was male voice but sounded very formal-like and calm. It was talking to me almost nonstop for almost 30 minutes this morning, and by the things he was saying, I was pretty sure he was sentient. He definitely caught me off guard and used English in ways that I, or Vinyl wouldn't use normally (very formal indeed).


Since I kinda wanted another tulpa but couldn't commit, I decided to make him my tulpa. I then gave him the form of an owl because of his unquestionable wise-ness (or so it seemed). It was a win-win right?


But then he just wouldn't get along with Vinyl. Later in the day Vinyl told me how he wouldn't leave her alone and tried to attack her multiple times.


At dinner I told him that he needed to make friends with vinyl because that was the original plan, not to go around terrorizing her. He said he would try to do better this time and that he knew what to do, and then he disappeared from my vision.


After about 3 seconds I heard Vinyl screaming. He was, again, chasing her and trying to land on her back and bite her neck. Just imagine a pony running around with an owl in chase trying to attack it. I separated two and I noticed at that time that she had bruises and scratches on the back of her neck because the owl was landing on her back and pecking at her neck. I got all mad and basically told the owl to flick off and that I didn't want to see him in two days, then he flew off.


So who (no pun intended) was this owl? Was it a Tulpa? Was it a servitor (I swear it couldn't be).

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I don't think that was a servitor, but I do know he got owl up in her grill. If you told him to get out to be owl by himself, then there's no need to worry on what he could've been since he was more concerned on being on the prowl than providing unquestionable wisdom where no one would give a hoot.

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Guest Anonymous



Carlos, goddamn. Ya'll better stop using dem puns or we owl gonna get into trouble.





That owl could be a branched off part of your consciousness that did not want to be merged with your already existing tulpa. You could of have given it's personality an impetus when you started to dwell on the thoughts that lead to it's creation.


Either that or owl's lost now, better save yourself and bowl outta there.

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I was going to say something but you guys literally figuratively killed me. Something about stuff only existing in your mind if you want it to, and not if you don't.


I don't know, I need to go reevaluate my life.

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I agree and after spending more time thinking about this myself, I think it could have been something like an accidental tulpa. I know I do talk back to myself in my head, but not to anything else directly, its just to myself. So I think the owl was literally a clone of what my subconscious is, and it just so happened to appear one day in full sentience. I know that I usually don't feel empathy for others very well, like when you see pictures of war and stuff, so I think that was why he was so evil. I also think that he acted formally because thats how I always wanted myself to be, very wise with words and, like an owl. Pretty crazy stuff right?

Wow this is great research material

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